1. They keep falling back on the tax situation. Maybe they are forgetting (we aren’t) about the fraud charges that were proven against them. If it makes them feel better to lean on their faith, then have at it, but I don’t feel like they had their faith in mind as they stole money from banks and local contractors/businesses.

  2. It seems the FBI plans to administer a lie detector test tomorrow (December 2,2022)

  3. This is why my boys sheath gets cleaned by the vet during his spring physical.

  4. It’s not punishment. It’s a facade, to appear he’s being punished.

  5. While I was reading ALL 623 pages of court papers dealing with Todd, I wondered if they drug their kids into the fraud. Todd and Julie pretty much stole a lied until they ran each avenue of money into the ground, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up using Savannah and Chase’s names to get more funds

  6. Chase got his after. Maybe something to do with that?

  7. I find it funny that he claimed he was a resident of Florida but according to Mark Braddock, they never slept one night in their Florida home.

  8. They’re residents of Florida starting January 15th lol.

  9. Imagine this being your parent? I’d pop champagne and dance too when they got locked up!

  10. It’s so crazy that after all this she reconciled with her family.

  11. They didn’t sell it though. It sat on the market and they eventually removed the listing.

  12. I have no idea. It was posted 5 days ago on tiktok

  13. Maybe if their was hidden funds?! I would think that anything affiliated with Todd and Julie both would’ve been investigated thoroughly.

  14. Was his LLC actually operational? I don’t know anything about the LLC.

  15. It appears that it was operational and these were branches

  16. I can’t imagine the tax payers dollars that went into this investigation. The years it took to put all of this together. And they want us to believe they were framed. I just can’t we these people anymore.

  17. Also several of the banks are no longer in business. So the fdic had to really step in as well. This investigation was YEARS in the making.

  18. I read that Julie refused to hand over her jewelry and bags. And that she filed a $400,000 insurance claim on her “lost” wedding ring.

  19. Grayson rear ended another vehicle multiple weeks ago, and had to be taken to the hospital, however, the family decided to inform the public on Monday, the day of their sentencing. I feel confident in saying that was a pr move, and they were hoping for sympathy.

  20. Yeah or Chase, she does seem really close with Chase. I definitely think they have to be looking out for Nanny Faye in someway for sure. Also I heard she's sick with some sort of cancer, it's sad she has to move while going through that (if it's true).

  21. She has bladder cancer. I believe that i read she’s in remission.

  22. After listening to their podcast, I just don’t understand how these could be the same people

  23. Chase got it from someone and now they claim it never existed.

  24. Where in Florida I wonder? I would think it would be a lax type prison.

  25. I’m seriously shocked. Was definitely expecting a suspended sentence, or other slap on the wrist. I wonder if they will do staggered time like the Guidice’s 🤔 I believe Chloe is still under 18, and Grayson is atleast 16. Just read an article about him being hospitalized after he read ended someone and may have a brain injury.

  26. They both have to turn themselves in January 15th.

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