1. He had not achieved enlightenment yet, he was still an imperfect being. Imperfect beings do shit things.

  2. This thread just confuses the hell out of me, half of these responses get upvotes half dont.

  3. Yes I felt it with a ILI I dated but he was so ugly I couldn't continue. We could talk for hours tho

  4. You might be underestimating the influence of George Martin....

  5. Martin was a producer who arranged some of the Beatles’ music, that’s not same as writing or composing songs, which he never did.

  6. Then you are underestimating the influence of George Martin. Pal.

  7. i love the idea of the older sims manually feeding the infants to really set them apart from the toddlers--it's a subtle but realistic touch.

  8. It is important that all us Buddhists get along, no matter what we believe. OP posted this with nothing but good intentions.

  9. Probably just as out of touch as poor people. Both sides are blaming each other for the world's problems.

  10. Not OP but I've met both and can say they are both equally out of touch.

  11. I’ve also met both. I can say the ultra rich are far, far out of touch. Grown ass adults believing everyone has a maid or butler. Believing themselves morally superior to poor people in every way. A lot of them are also crazy.

  12. Dad is ILE and Mom is SEE. I’m (female) IEI. I’m also an only child. I was very spoiled because my parents tell me I was their miracle child and they are lucky to have me. I’ve always been extremely close with my Dad. I feel close to my mom, but we don’t share common interests, so we don’t have many interesting conversations.

  13. Why aren't there any *hugs* etc. reactions on reddit? Because this:

  14. Oh, thank you! I didn’t expect my comment to attract any well-wishers. I’ve never really told anyone how I was feeling ever, so seriously, thank you for your kind words. It’s nice to be heard.

  15. By that logic, all members of all species are "hybrids", since all species evolved from other species.

  16. No. To be a hybrid, you need to be part one species and part another. The only other known species of humans besides Homo sapiens are Neanderthals. And not every human is a hybrid aka has Neanderthal dna.

  17. You are responsible for your actions. What others do is their responsibility. You do what you can without abandoning your integrity of mind. The world is the way it is because people are not concerned with the integrity of their mind or are willing to compromise their integrity of mind. You can't control that, but you can resolve to maintain the integrity of your mind. You cannot assume that you telling a lie will result in a desirable outcome, because lies are not believed all the time. Abandoning your integrity will not necessarily help you or the situation, but you have lost something important in your own quality of mind.

  18. I know lying brings bad karma, but a lot of people here are saying telling the truth will bring you worse karma than lying. Do you agree with that?

  19. The precept is to not lie. This does not mean to have no discernment about what you say. Not speaking a falsehood does not mean saying what the other person wants to hear. The choices are not just saying a lie or telling the questioner what they want to know.

  20. I’ve been thinking hard about this. In my opinion, a world in which everyone never told a lie, even if the lie would save the lives of other people is an evil world. We are working towards the liberation of the suffering of others as much as we are working on that of ourselves. This also includes the Jews we are hiding who’s lives will be cut short by killing. Yes, lying would bring bad karma if you told the Nazis the truth, but I would do it anyway.

  21. You’re acting like picky eaters are babies, we’re not. Personally, I can’t eat something I don’t like. Or even something I don’t like, but don’t dislike. I just can’t. I get almost nauseous. I know that sounds babyish, believe me, I hear that from my family literally every day, but it’s the God’s Honest Truth. Trust me. I tried. I tried really hard not to be a picky eater, to be adventurous, but I just can’t do it. I believe it’s wired into me from childhood and there’s nothing I can do now that I’m an adult to change it.

  22. As in, they met and started dating before their parents met, then their parents met, dated, and married each other, and then the original couple considered getting married too?

  23. I’m an IEI and I was very boyish as a kid in terms of playing (I’m a girl). I liked playing “Jail” during recess with other beta kids which was more of a roleplaying game than a game with rules in which we would try to imprison each other by forcing each other to hold onto a chain link fence until a friend came and saved us. Looking back with my knowledge of Socionics, the fact that we had a real live human as a “prisoner” made us feel very powerful and that’s what made the game so much fun lol. It really was a very fun game to my 6-year old self.

  24. Oh, now that you mentioned creating drama with your dolls- I used to play with the dolls (mostly Barbies and such) similar way with my sister! Our dolls used to have soap-opera-ish experiences; also: they experienced violence, torture, crucifixion etc. We also made a cemetery for some of them who "died".

  25. I just noticed something, Michael has the alpha version of human, something like that, many humans today dosent have 2 tiny spines connected to their wrist on their right hand,

  26. You say its common in your area, can I ask where about that is?

  27. That would be nice, but unfortunately, not everyone has good intentions. Especially not 20 y.o. boys with the ego of a mountain that needs a good shower and meet women outside anime.

  28. I have a lot of aunts and a few have gotten really upset over other people holding the baby before them. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to but I would want to give the mother the first opportunity. She did all the work giving birth she has the right to hold the baby first imo.

  29. I’m a dude who doesn’t have kids. If I did have a kid i wouldn’t even hold it before their mom got a chance to. The nerve of your family is astonishing

  30. Wait, why wouldn’t you want to hold the baby first? You know it is your baby as much as it is the mom’s baby, right? Your bonding with the baby as much as the mom is during the birth. Personally, I would want either my husband or me to be the first to hold it, nobody else, except a doctor if needed.

  31. Veggies and gyms Muscles and girls Fitness and health Depression and guilt Trying and failing Persisting and winning Healthy and fit It wasn’t worth it

  32. Just be sure it’s red for natural reasons ~Red dye 40 is not great for you

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