1. Venus is basically impossible to land on for more than a few minutes. The radiation on Mercury probably rules out anything more than a few weeks on the dark side. I personally look forward to titan.

  2. As person that has three or four games on during a Sunday I’m super interested in seeing how this turns out. Love Sunday ticket, don’t care for directv the rest of the year.

  3. This isn’t a episode shot at the general store. Nashel also mentions no time to die is coming out so that makes this episode shot in Fall of 2021.

  4. Is there gonna be a new episode this week? I thought last week was gonna be Space monkeys

  5. Would not be surprised if reg pops up.

  6. The new secret stash pod is effective if you can find it.

  7. Anyone else getting a warp core sound while they are talking? It doesn’t make any sense to underlay that track.

  8. Wasn't there going to be a Space Monkeys episode this weekend? Does everything really just fall apart when Walt isn't there for a few days?

  9. There was an incident where he either said he had a gun with him at a event or he actually did and it wasn't well received the way Bruce hoped it would be.

  10. He 100% admitted he had a gun with him after a hurricane and that was the opening Stephane took to fire Bruce. He should have known better than to not bring a gun into the building. All he had to do was leave it in the car. anyways wouldn’t surprise me if Bruce retires or is fired if Vince is done in WWE. He stated his planned exit is when Vince leaves/dies.

  11. Why does she hate him? Bruce despite being an a** kisser, he was a great booker for WWE. Stephanie was never good in creative.

  12. Here’s the pod where Bruce goes into the details of the tension and problems with Stephane.

  13. How is it possible to have so little game?

  14. I’m a recent block for asking when Walt would sign at the Stash.

  15. I think they would have to pay for likeness.

  16. How has wwe not buried that series?

  17. He’s just saying theses things to promote his match. More power to him if it sells more ppvs.

  18. not sure what the confusion would be - it is clear what he was doing. He was using the publicity to get ratings. He was using "there is no such thing as bad press" to his advantage

  19. This is what I think the timeline will be.

  20. One odd point that is lost in all this is that Jeff Jarrett was hired back on June 1st. Vince loves to hire a Jarrett when he’s in trouble.

  21. 5-19 Stephanie take a leave of absence 5-31 Double J back in WWE in an unclear role 6-16 WSJ story leaks 6-17 Vince steps aside and then will go on tv

  22. Stephanie stepping in is kind of hilarious given the stories of people (on the board?) trying to bury her on her out in that hit piece a couple weeks ago.

  23. Those folks are due for some karma

  24. Money is primary reason 99% of people go to work.

  25. 5-19 Stephanie take a leave of absence 5-31 Double J back in WWE in an unclear role 6-16 WSJ story leaks 6-17 Vince steps aside and then will go on tv

  26. This leak seems intentional now. Steph stepping away to free up time for this. Have the story published the day before a live show, announcing in the super early morning Vince is stepping away from duties other than creative, then he’s appearing on Smackdown. What a work.

  27. Vince is fine with using anything as a storyline 😆

  28. Tune in tonight and find out

  29. Another great TESD documentary

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