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  1. It's definitely a preference, and also depends on the guns purpose. If it's a carry gun, the lower 1/3 is definitely useful. If it's a range gun, it's not necessary. The irons are there for backup. Just like I don't keep a jumper cable on my dashboard all the time, but it's in my car if I need it.

  2. Thx, but wouldn’t absolute cowitness be better for CCW tho? Since most self defense scenarios happen in 5-15 yard distances?

  3. My preference is to have a bigger field of view. With absolute cowitness you're blocking the lower half of your window

  4. Ah very true. I never really noticed field of view to be an impacting factor, thanks!

  5. May I interest you in a Bul Armory SAS ii Ultralight? It’s absolutely stunning to look at, great to shoot, and easy to conceal (similar in size to a Glock 19 but with a shorter barrel)

  6. Didn't know you could buy directly from Bul. I was considering the Wilson EXC X9 'cause I'm tired of waiting. I know, it's more than 2x the price, and who wouldn't want to own a Wilson Combat pistol?

  7. Honestly the Bul has a better trigger than WC, at least vs. the WCs I’ve shot. I would say though the PVD is not as durable as I thought. But if you don’t care about scratches then it’s GTG

  8. I wouldn’t call it that in this day and age.

  9. And the Chinese government might be more tolerant than you think. That said, as a Chinese myself, I haven’t seen anything this ridiculous in over 20 years… locking down during early phases of Covid with higher mortality rate and no vaccine makes sense, but still doing so is just stupid…

  10. Just as I tried to engage in a rational conversation I’m reminded this is Reddit, oh well buh bye

  11. Love that sling set up. What sling are you using? And how is it mounted?

  12. Honestly this is kinda wholesome… at least they are not those scumbags who beat their own mothers

  13. I see another person of culture rocking an MPX with holosun. Good day to you fellow sophisticated chap.

  14. Idk what’s more beautiful, the sig or the z06 (not the interior of course)

  15. 30 cal, that’s where it’s at bro

  16. It should have been 15 in lbs, not 15 lbs. If you did torque it to 15 ft lbs, I could completely understand the screw cap coming off.

  17. Whew...I was thinking, wow, 15 ft. lbs would be a lot of torque for that little screw. :)

  18. Or an out of spec torque wrench? Though I doubt it as they are usually +/- 2lbs

  19. Thought he was missing his left foot for a second

  20. Omg yea I was so caught off guard by that as well

  21. Is it that or is it a tattoo though?

  22. I’m so ronry, so ronry, so ronry and sadry arone

  23. Naw man jokes aside fun facts are always fun. Parties have this arch where you can have informative discussions but once ev1 is drunk than it's just a bummer.

  24. then. I, too, don’t get invited to parties.

  25. Nobody gives a shit, cook county gun stores sell AR15s and drum mags.

  26. Pls tell me which ones do as none of them near me sells anything but pistols and PA shotguns

  27. I was using blazer 115 grain. Run it through my Sigs and S&W’s and never had that issue

  28. Weird… I take my G19.4 to the range weekly and shoot 200+ 124gr ammo the slide is never too hot to touch… were you running through them super quickly? Lol

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