Crypto has never existed through a global recession before. All bets are off, and we might be about to see the first *true* crypto crash - and it might knock the wind out of even the hardest hodlers.

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  1. I'm heavy in koss 10k+ shares and heavy in debt with it. Patience shall pay I usually miss thise big paydays I'm ready now.

  2. I do not advocate going into debt for stock. But I love the stock!

  3. The debt comes from the stock price falling.

  4. It was worded wrong. "US investors are not using Goldman sacs to buy or sell meme stocks" something about loaning out shares that bothers them.

  5. Crypto is not a substitute for a job. It's a mere investment, hobby whatever someone chooses it to be to them. No different than fishing do you know how much it cost to maintain a boat, tags, license, fuel? Enough, to each his own be prepared for anything in this life.

  6. You can retire I lost it all in the stock market

  7. Reading the post and comments just seems a bit strange to me. Sounds like people want the comforts of being married and the liberty of being single. Usually a destructive end.

  8. It’s about me being sober and not a complete mess because I’m a drunk

  9. If you don't drink anymore then your not a drunk anymore. I owned liquor stores and had a drinking problem thank God for Jesus his grace appeared to me and I responded. Delivered me from myself and stayed in the business five more years sober never fell then sold them. Best to you

  10. not a sugar daddy. his drinking is a problem and probably THE main problem. i’m going to tell him i cheated and we can try to fix the relationship or go our separate ways.. in a way this gave me an easier out..

  11. Don't tell him period you might get really hurt or send him into a drinking binge he cannot recover from. If you cannot live with yourself then leave you basically did evil for evil he got abusive u committed Adultery. The cycle has to stop with someone. Best to you.

  12. Telling him anything is how you get left out of the will

  13. Sorry -- we removed your post or comment because it's low effort. Please put effort into what you post to

  14. Why not delete the whole post just leaving the title does nothing.

  15. Here’s the link of Gates discussing it on CNBC:

  16. Just watched the video.. Now that's a pitiful shame Bill. Talking about the disclosure rules. Talk about you and your buddies shorting these companies into bankruptcy just for another yacht.

  17. I'll be watching this closely may be my play of the week-year prayerfully

  18. Yes get out. Every stock that I owned that did reverse split never prospered had one do it multiple times. They had great technology that's why I stayed in but poor management.

  19. Your question is the problem with the whole market today. This is how they suppress the retailer and keep control of the market. The SEC is just blind to this stuff. When apes really come together we'll open a class action lawsuit against them.

  20. In my second year did decent my first year of actually focusing on trading many failed years of playing around. Just a few nuggets that have helped me is sticking to a few stocks easier to learn patterns. The problem is waiting for positions for me. I have been studying ETF's mainly sqqq & tqqq they move 3× nasdaq one up one down so on days when I can't find positions on my stocks I play these but you have to be glued to the monitor because they move quick. You can make or loose it fast in these. So really do you have an edge doubt it, seems we always learning what's the best strategy for ourselves. Everyone is different using different amounts of money, risk tolerance different, time of investment or reward of investment different. Find the path that works for you and your investment tolerance and continue to enhance that.

  21. I have to many seat belts on I'm ready to go already...

  22. I took a business class in college this teacher knew so much about different businesses and the concept of having and operating a business, cost, location,startup, etc. The key here is he didn't have a business he was paid to research , study, and teach others. I suppose he didn't have the risk tolerance to chance his money as do these trading teachers they played the game a bit and find the safer bet for them is to teach strategy to others especially those willing to pay. Which means they were not successful unless you find one that is a disciplined trader an has a simple goal and teaches the rest of there time.

  23. Alot of people have given great input into your question. I would say it doesn't happen over night no matter what direction you take you will have a learning curve. The thing about training and paper trading is its just that, no real money is at stake. So what I'm saying is once you put your money at risk the feelings,emotions,etc all that comes into play. So when you do start use a small percentage of your cash to start and learn a strategy that works for you.

  24. Yes this girl was trained to do this all day long. She planning on taking many visits when the scam is done just won't be to see you, need enough players first. They can keep paying the % as long as new money keeps coming in that's why the conversation is always put more to gain more. I got scammed by a pastor when I was in my early 20's for 80k the lesson of my life. If it's too good to be true IT'S FALSE. Don't wait get your money now if u can.

  25. Blast all the way to $20 why don't you

  26. That's fair enough. If that's what works for you and you're able to do it consistently over a long period of time, fair play.

  27. That's my game keeping it simple I really don't know how to short or do options. I have been successful in the almost long game not quite day trading. Think you all call it swing trading, buying dips and selling the comfortable high for me. I made a lot of money last year avg about 5 hours a week trading max. The killer for me was holding cash you can get the mindset u always want your cash working. That is where I made majority of my losses playing with stocks outside of my watch list or not waiting for the entry price. I would jump in too early and buy down made me spend more uncomfortable time watching stocks. 75% of my profit came from the same 5 stocks. Haven't traded any this year plan to get started in a week or two. What I will do differently is play more uptrend stocks and use stop losses, last year I played flat stocks they were just volatile example $16-20 in a month. I think everyone has there niche and that's mine it doesn't take much time most is in DD I set my buy and sell and just glance everyday.

  28. I’m a noob limited to a cash account and can only do about 10 trades a month, but I was up 58% last month. I don’t do anything fancy other than buy leveraged and inverse leveraged funds then sell them at the end of the day.

  29. can u elaborate a bit or give example of what your speaking of and the process?

  30. When KOSS was squeezed last year the float was 1.9 million; the float was increased by 120%.. yes, it was more than doubled. When the KOSS family more than doubled the float, any chance of a squeeze is gone.

  31. Bud if u knew what was gonna happen to a stock you wouldn't be commenting here you'd be rich enough to be on ur own island. Play ur game and let people play there's. "Every man is right in his own eyes" see if u know where that quote came from since u know so much.

  32. You quote the Bible while also saying let everyone be on their own. You lost me there.

  33. I see you have a reading comprehension problem

  34. Reminds my of the story of Esau selling his birthright for food.

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