1. Have you used anything as an alternative to the account? Email or phone number?

  2. you could hire a freelancer to integrate Stripe for your website

  3. I mean it's more than connecting Stripe to my website. That I can do easily, but it needs coding on the web app.

  4. Never used it myself, I'm sure there's plenty of talented people there as well.

  5. That makes sense. It's important to be aware of all of this because it could lead to major issues later on.

  6. Hey, I would love to see ur work and see if we could potentially partner up on this agency I've built. I've been looking for someone with these kinds of skills for days and although you said you're intermediate, that wouldn't be a problem for me. If you're interested we could hop on a call and I can get the full depth on what kind of work we could do together. Thanks :p

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