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I stood up against my abusive parents yesterday after they sent someone to attack me via texts all day while on vacation, and now it’s done and over with and I’ll never have to deal with it again and I feel good for severing the tie and speaking up against abuse now

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  1. Rather it sound like I'm mixxing up some mac n cheese

  2. For clarification: the way these scams work is they have you download a client that isn't RuneLite from a website other than They will tell you that the client is RuneLite, and the website looks similar to

  3. If one accidentally downloadeds a fake runelite, would uninstalling it and changing pw and bank pin work? Or is the machine infected?

  4. I use to have one, pretty sure you have to remove the whole cap.

  5. This is me last month, I'm now combat level 102, total level 1431, 264 quest points, 100% all kourend favour, and all medium diaries complete. I need help.

  6. I have one too, absolute best rail I've got my meat beaters on.

  7. I've remapped scroll up as well as scroll down to m1. Ive had it that way for over a year now with no issues

  8. so each "click" of the scroll is a left click? I was curious about this to empty my bags quicker.

  9. Can someone animate this photo to look like jojos?

  10. You say it never booted and that the ram is not being picked up. If I am correct cpu testing on mobos comes first so if you made it into ram testing you should have made it through cpu testing.

  11. Motherboard said it was, unfortunately

  12. $1,000 dollar item marked as "handed to resident" but no one was home during that time.

  13. Mine is a Nintendo Switch OLED which was $390 including taxes. God damn it! 😡🤬

  14. Im dealing with this right now, but its a 1k$ item

  15. Is he looking to ram a guy for a ram?

  16. A few days ago, we had a delivery of a package that was worth around 1000$, the driver marked it as "handed to resident" but I know for a fact no one was home. When we got back there wasn't a package at the door. I've escalated this several times with in the departments but the final destination was a account specialist department will review it. I kept stressing the fact that, they need to question that driver on who he gave it to but they pretty much brush it off.

  17. Biggest you can fit, I’d say minimum would be a 240mm, 280/360 would be optimal

  18. Reseat your ram and gpu just incase. Double check connectors and monitor hardware performance when launching games to see if something is overheating. Run a stress test to see if it does the same thing.

  19. I9 13900k, got the best gpu? Get the best cpu.

  20. Yes, 1000W is plenty for a 4080 or 4090.

  21. What about with a i9 13900k and wanting to OC everything?

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