1. you guys where right, just came off the high

  2. Hard to feel sorry, young women generally date young men, unless they are rich older man. If you’re just a normal old guy you’re a creep to young women like myself. Simple fix: date women your age, unless suck it up

  3. Completely unprofessional and belittling. Only thing it does paint the manager and the company in a bad light.

  4. Houseplants painting chores makes you feel amazing achieving things while high

  5. Cook, clean, have sex, watch your favourite show. Go somewhere cool in nature. My favourite is music but you already doing that one lol. Gaming is a favourite too. Drawing is also fun high.

  6. Have you done Karate before? Like have you’ve been practising/participating in the sport recently before starting uni? Because if so I would join, but maybe wait until SFE comes in you won’t miss too much.

  7. Completely new, all the other societies are shit for me, idk, but thanks for your reply :)

  8. Worked at Starbucks, literally anytime I walk past one I resist the urge to xp farm the place

  9. Did they say why you've been classified as an international student? Your offer will have said that you were either considered a home or an international student - what did they say when you asked why?

  10. Evidence insufficient, provided more evidence this time

  11. I'd probably get in touch with your student union and ask for their advice. They'll probably be able to provide you some short-term funding while you wait for the loan to be approved as well.

  12. Download Unifi, it’s an app for Uni students in your Uni and on your course, that helped me make a few friends and I hope it helps you too

  13. your stats aren’t high enough to smoke Merseyside bud, try again when you level more

  14. Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this yet, but do you think that this newfound paranoia/confusion/lack of appetite is actually due to being homesick and in a completely different city? Especially at such a young age too. It would make sense as it perfectly coincides with when you moved too. It could be dodgy weed, but I can never remember smoking any kind of weed that made me feel the way you’re feeling so persuasively either. Big moves are big changes for anyone any age, so perhaps it could be more subconscious in this way than you think.

  15. Honestly, just say you opened an account by accident and that’s it.

  16. still getting used to being an adult, been an adult for 2 months now

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