1. Yeah, I forgot that we all died during the 2021 'Winter of Severe Illness and Death.'

  2. How’s the internet signal from heaven my dude?

  3. We can only hope! That guys got a one way ticket to hell.

  4. Great. Let’s check the vaccination status of all those dead people. That should settle it.

  5. Ok, so they say “Though there’s no specific way to differentiate between the flu, cold or COVID based on symptoms alone….” - then why TF does it matter?

  6. Wow, I have had zero vaccines, zero adverse reactions, and I’m still alive too

  7. Brother went with friends 2 weeks ago, nothing was asked at Canadian border

  8. Literally reads like a meme. I have trouble believing people can be this willfully ignorant. Not to mention the 14 upvotes

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