Lisa Rinna Is 'Grateful' as She Announces Exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After 8 Seasons

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  1. Not Eva the Diva! I’m really shocked by this. Also didn’t know she dated Flo Rida

  2. I feel Kyle always wanted to be the Quyen bee and she never would With Lisa around.

  3. She’s still not with LVP gone, tbh

  4. Same here, I also noticed Jordyn Woods was posting for the first time in a long time. No correlation there, of course

  5. I am not okay with losing Conetessa.

  6. We know she will be back first thing in the morning

  7. The RHONY cast, excluding Bethenny

  8. Do you love the OC. I find that people who like OC and Beverly Hills just don’t get rhony

  9. I’ve watched RHONY through many times, in my opinion it’s overhyped compared to other franchises. I don’t see what’s so much better about holding on to falling into a rose bush versus other shows that bring actually interesting content.


  11. Never seen a bodysuit so ill fitting.

  12. 🎼That’s just how it goes when you break up in a small town 🎶

  13. Not me saying “who’s baby is that?” not realizing who it was 😭

  14. How is Chris Stapleton ~not like other girls? I love him.

  15. Same. Seen him perform this song live and it was amazing. Entire concert was amazing music!!

  16. Wow, rest in peace. Sad news for the Bravosphere 😢

  17. I thought she already left lol

  18. The second photo made me get up and make sure my bathroom mirror was clean lol

  19. Nene was great in the beginning, but damn, her last few seasons she was just as annoying as Rinna. How quickly we all forget. 😂

  20. Nene is still the most relevant, pop culture-wise. She’s one person many people will currently know and still reference outside of being a Housewife. Rinna is simply straight washed.


  22. How is Ascecius pronounced? Serious question lol

  23. Rhymes with “facetious” I’m guessing

  24. You’ve had the same hairdo for twenty years!!

  25. I haven’t been in years, but Le Bon Macaron had a really decadent sipping chocolate there that was quite delicious. The chocolat chaud appears to still be on their menu

  26. Love comet. Not as much of a fan of lab than in its early days. May be more associated with the atmosphere change than the actual product though. 🤷‍♂️

  27. Remember the frozen yogurt machines? That was some good stuff.

  28. The Garden martini is also solid!!

  29. Sometimes people who’ve had gastro bypass can only eat from the kids menu.

  30. From my experience those people will mention it, and even have a card stating it’s doctor’s orders.

  31. She's flexitarian, doesn't claim to be 100% vegan.

  32. She claims to be vegan but is actually plant-based, at that.

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