1. Although, it holds for almost any drama based story:

  2. Trust me guys, any day now, you will suddenly drop dead when THEY push the button :O

  3. On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

  4. Five long years, he wore this up his ass. Then when he died of dysentery, he gave it to me. I hid this uncomfortable piece of PLA up my ass for two years. Then, after seven years, I was sent home to my family. And now, little man, I give it to you.

  5. Forced medical experiments?

  6. Fauci: Well..umm..sure, I was wrong about everything I say and advocated for since 2020. But it was an honest mistake, the facts changed.

  7. Breaking up Google is such an old tagline, that Google restructured itself in anticipation of that some ten or 15 years ago. Google could "break up" into Search, Apps, Maps, Youtube and a few others, and end up looking exactly the same.

  8. Right, it was predictable from two years away.

  9. Funny how the NPCs and media outlets who always bang on about "threats to Our Democracy" never label these fuckers as a threat to democracy. They literally orchestrated a Globalist coup by "penetrating ze cabinets" with Schwab's Young Global Leaders. "Our Democracy" is a fucking joke at this point. No matter which side or who you vote for you're getting a cabinet full of these cunts.

  10. The number of people who have no idea who Schwab and the WEF are baffles and upsets me. There's no end to the time they'll spend on The Current Thing or front-page "scandals", while being oblivious to how they're merely being distracted and fooled.

  11. There's a yo-mama joke in there somewhere...

  12. Send them off to China to experience endless lockdowns and masks for life - after all, China had almost zero cases during most of 2020-2021, they'll be $uper $afe there!

  13. Bold of you to think these NPC bots aren't already based in China.

  14. Norway is an interesting case-study in how a society has been partly sleep-walking into this, but also partly celebrating the deprecation of cash.

  15. Fauci. And every "expert" who pushed the "safe & effective" lie. Every politician who enacted and voted for vaccine mandates and got up on podiums saying "get the vaccine now, or else". Every police officer who enforced the mandates. Every doctor who injected the poison. Every media outlet which broadcast the lies and coercion without question.

  16. All politicians are corrupt jackasses, psychopaths, and potential traitors, until the opposite has been proved. So yeah, if you want to add Trump to the list, I have no problem with that.

  17. yes - ev batteries can explode. However this video does not look genuine.... in close up the vehicles are not recent and it looks like a collection of old 4x4s being shipped to Africa on the deck of a cargo vessels ( this is a big export market for second hand and nicked 4x4s). whether the fire is real (possible) or the whole thing in contrived i dont know.

  18. A fire on the deck can happen, I guess. But yeah, I doubt any of those were EVs.

  19. A joke? Typing “Olten” seems to be an involuntary reaction to seeing the Reddit logo for some. It’s a state of mind you get infected with on this sub.

  20. Have you considered Olten? There are several direct trains which takes about 30 min to Zurich HB. The train station in Olten is nice.

  21. I've come to enjoy these little solder kits. Often they're just lights or toys, but many are fun. They're usually very cheap, starting at a few $ up to maybe $10 for a mini tetris game or radio or alarm clock. You'll find them on AliExpress, Amazon.

  22. Don't be fooled. BBB (666) is just controlled opposition

  23. I'd rather like see it in terms of short term alliances.

  24. Are people really still "quarantining" in 2023 when they get the sniffles lol? These people are certifiably insane.

  25. Calling the NPC bots "people" is really stretching that definition.

  26. Matt Hancock comes off as one of the most psychopathic megalomaniac ministers in modern times. Everything which has been revealed just underlines this picture.

  27. After Greta, they're going with a sex-sells tacit instead?

  28. https://icd.who.int/browse10/2019/en#/Z28

  29. Why would he be? Just signing up and then closing down the account is a viable way to get some free money.

  30. Only problem is, it's easier to get out of a gym membership than a banking package. And not only do they have direct unlimited access to your bank account. They ARE your account.

  31. Don't know if it fits exactly what you're doing, but at least make sure to check out and be inspired by:

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