1. Tilt pitcher AND mug. Go stupidly slow as you get the knack of tilting both vessels. Practically touch the crema with the steamed milk. Also, by tilting the mug initially, you create a whirlpool as you pour, helping to circulate the crema. Crema sits pretty heavy at the top without that.

  2. Just don't give rice milk to children as has a mildly high arsenic content! Not enough to be toxic to adults, but discouraged in children.

  3. I didn't know! Good shout. I'm normally an Oaty myself.

  4. My only complaint about almond is that I haven’t found a brand that really steams well for my shop. Oatly works well, and whole is whole, but almost is a tough one to crack.

  5. Same. for me. That's why i like this rice/almond blend. If you're in Europe, Alpro sweetened almond does an okay job steaming. That's one of the only ones I've seen do well.

  6. One thing that will help is that you are pulling your draw through too low. To fix this I would take the “helicopter” method of the draw through. Bring it straight up first then pull through. They will make the “line” much thinner. Right now it looks like you are bringing it up and pulling through at the same time and your ratio is off.

  7. Good suggestion! In addition, save a little more foam for your final tulip layer and get real low before you pull right up to finish the line to get more of that heart at the top.

  8. I drunkenly tried to show off making latte art at a house party and started pouring a tulip when the cup was already full. I spilled it all over my white shoes. This was that cup.

  9. That’s my setup! I’m in love. Also, acme cups.

  10. Some bacteria survives high heat environments. Its why you can't cook chicken thats left out on the counter for more than a few hours. Doesn't matter that you're going to cook it, bacteria survives and infects you.

  11. I don’t know if it helped me personally. I just like the look of it and it keeps my shower screen clean.

  12. It’s homemade! Check out my post from the other day! :)

  13. When was the roast date? Looks gassy from too fresh coffee.

  14. I am! Just got into home espresso. What’s some of your fave beans?

  15. Nice, welcome to the rabbit hole. You've got some fine gear I don't foresee any necessary upgrades 🤣

  16. I’ll check them out! I’ve only tried a handful (square mile/climpson & sons) from when I worked in the cafes here in Dublin. Might give Carrow/Roasted Brown a try! Thanks!

  17. Looks great!! For your WDT - you can put some rice in a shot glass and store it tips down - might save some unwanted acupuncture - post up when you open an Etsy shop.

  18. That’s a great idea for the WDT! I overlooked the purchase and got a cheapo one, I thought it would’ve come with some sort of storage cap.

  19. Ten grand for a cool woodworking shop is what’s holding me back. That and not knowing how to use a woodworking shop.

  20. Ha! Something I didn’t say, this is the old man’s shop! I just existed in it for a short time.

  21. It defo is. Some leech made most likely a bsc token project, slapped a GameStop name on it, and rug pulled anyone who put a cent into it.

  22. Guys cmon. This is a shitcoin some troll made (probably on the binance smart chain) and Coinbase auto-archived it. Coinbase will do this to anything that breathes like a blockchain project. It’s showing not supported because it was probs made out of some dude’s mom’s basement, thrown up on some out of control spam exchange like poocoin, and hasn’t been active since the troll first made it and rugpulled anyone who put a cent into it. I don’t know any great resources to help educate on the dangerousness of spammy blockchain projects. If someone does, great! But this is just noise.

  23. I don’t think I’ll ever be on GS marketplace - too superstonky! If you wanna check out mine and a bunch of other projects, check out LoopExchange. One of my collections:

  24. 0x00d65730f111cac6757026b7ea0e163b4dbda806

  25. Last winner! Sending in a little bit! Join the discord for more drops!

  26. You win! Sending in a little bit! Join the discord for more drops!

  27. Collecting NFT's? Heads up there are 2 community flairs:

  28. The Address isnt working! Could you resend or use a different one?!

  29. https://loopexchange.art/profile/0x721c77aa9628f169ea9bd77dd462bf1bdf59fc28

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