1. am I the only one who likes ryza bcs of her bubbly personality?

  2. Pay attention, be polite, listen, ask lots of questions(even if you think you’re asking too many questions), don’t hesitate to put your ideas out there but don’t be insulted if things don’t go the way you suggest, and if when you find something specific that really interests you make sure to communicate that (like BIM, or sustainability, you know the things).

  3. man I just hope they keep the atb + asano bgm

  4. Asuka from aokana. That sweet sweet "masaya-san"

  5. best confession ever written on vn. the exact voice, bgm and cg are still clear in my head

  6. otome domain 8/10, chaos head noah 5/10, aokana ex2 8/10

  7. setsuna, her story is so goddamn tragic

  8. call me a loony, but this feels like a video written by AI

  9. I've played the official tl, it left 10/10 impression on me

  10. might be downvoted but heres my take:

  11. didnt expect a villain written this good

  12. Yeah, "I did an evil thing, but I still think I'm the good guy" is just so fundamentally human, and real, that it's an automatic win against the vanilla 'for the sake of power/money' I was kinda expecting. (Not to mention against the 'For the evulz' that's so common in anime.)

  13. yea thats exactly what I mean. boy knows he's evil for the greater good

  14. Only just started chaos;head but takumi

  15. currently in chapter 6 and totally agree. after 5 years reading so much vn, this dude hold the title of worst mc ever.

  16. just read this weeks ago. absolute banger

  17. is there a route where Kazusa and Setsuna ditch haruki and start having lesbian sex?

  18. welcome to the holy church of setsuna brother

  19. noratoto, then aokana hooked me

  20. as fellow badass mc sucker, I'd recommend these:

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