1. I think of them like normal registers: if there's no sign with an item limit it's a free for all.

  2. Redbone really doesnt get the recognition they deserve

  3. I recently heard about their song "We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee" which was banned from the radio. So it must've been hard to get recognition when ostracized.

  4. Wherever you go, make sure you tell the people over the counter what your plans are. I was at harbor market once and a customer said that they were going to eat the fish raw and the employees were like "no, not this fish".

  5. He's human and so are the people he trades for and trades away. Yeah, it seems we haven't drafted someone incredible since debrusk and pasta but who has?

  6. Love Oxbow. Great beers and changeup from IPAs. Also the friteshack is awesome (I have kids, haven’t been back in a few years and don’t live in Portland anymore sorry if it’s changed 😀)

  7. You should go back. In my opinion it's the most kid friendly because of the fries.

  8. I have noticed ENYA has stepped up their game. Two colors spotted in Forest ave near Congress

  9. Yeah, I've noticed more too. I have to applaud the consistency.

  10. Is Blue-Man Group any good? I heard they were expensive.

  11. I saw them maybe 20 years ago and laugh so hard I almost passed out.

  12. Do you think you can have a NMC in your contact but instead of a specific team it's just "don't trade me to whoever Torts is coaching"?

  13. I had no clue Simmonds was still around

  14. Same. Last I heard his name Toronto was trying to give him away before they put him on waivers.

  15. I used to be happy if we left a California road trip with 3pts.

  16. Lemieux LIVES for new years eve. Have you seen his white Lamborghini?

  17. Stay in and smoke weed. Watch nature documentaries. Order Chinese takeout.

  18. Sichuan Kitchen imo. Ants climbing a stick, dry fried chicken, pork bao.

  19. Oh yeah, they're dope. I just don't think of them as Chinese takeout.

  20. La Festa is magic. Bummed to hear about cornerstone in Portsmouth.

  21. Damn did he score both those goals in the WC with a fractured foot? What a beast

  22. Must've been like "let me score all the goals before I take this skate off and can't get it back on".

  23. Fiber. Oh I wish. We live in the woods with our available option being TDS, our landline provider with DSL at 3.46mps down and 0.97 up. No cable, so no Spectrum. Too many trees, so no satellite. Fiber speeds. I can only dream.

  24. The governor is working to get everyone connected with good Internet in the next few years so there's hope.

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