1. There are a LOT of perks associated with pension - lower pharmacy costs, bulk billing, discounted public transport, entry fees etc etc

  2. I've found Gumtree better. Occasionally you get people who offer a lower price at your front door, I would sometimes say yes, now I just say no, if you can't be polite enough to message with a lower offer before wasting my time, then too bad. Generally if they turn up they are serious. I treat any promises online as "maybes" at best.

  3. Can you rate people on FBMarketplace ? I blocked someone recently cos of how rude they were but they did not fit exactly the categories of complaint ( ie they were bullying, but not racial or sexist… so didn’t feel I could call them that!)

  4. Mild cricket tea - my mum's friend works at a hotel the cricketer's stayed at for the Boxing day test and apparently Pat Cummins' wife was incredibly rude to staff. She apparently yelled at my mum's friend about their washing not turning up. It turned out the washing was delivered to the players room, which was agreed upon earlier. She didn't apologise when she was notified either. Pat Cummins is apparently really nice though.

  5. Didn’t Lyon ditch his first wife who I recall was not your typical WAG?

  6. I worked for a car rental company and would get asked about this sort of itinerary all the time.

  7. I guess you mean 10 hours drive in NZ is like 5 elsewhere, right?

  8. Or dancing around the room after!

  9. Oh, look, she actually covered her hair. Imagine that.

  10. But what’s with the leg spread?

  11. Agreed - did the same thing at Cooma!

  12. Don’t forget radiological procedures - although prob not used so much any more,I had a barium enema about 20 years ago because of Crohn’s - the pain and the fear of becoming incontinent with nothing on board was just cruel. I complained to my GI who just shrugged it off with some comment about radiologists just not doing pain relief.

  13. Not sure what type of household you have, but I regret not having a different living space that our older children and their friends can utilise for entertaining etc.

  14. For the Americans in the audience: Add a 0 after the decimal to get a conversion (we use g/100mL, Europe is g/1000mL). So, 0.8 Euro = 0.08 US for BAC.

  15. The best way of dealing with this I've found is handing it back to people and saying, "oh I'm sorry mate,I think you dropped this".

  16. Tried that, got told to F off. Be careful if you do this…

  17. Agree with this - as a resident of the Nation’s Capital, it is embarrassing to see the amount of rubbish and general decay along the roadways, on footpaths, in public parks and near public toilets. At times I have been embarrassed when driving interstate visitors around esp near where I live in Woden.

  18. Good grief. This list shows their supporters are successful and decent people and the critics are either messed up or losers.

  19. I suspect many “critics” are just silent… and even if asked directly, would skirt around it as ‘neutrally’ as possible.

  20. The main issue is the 20 odd parking places in front of the restaurants. They shouldn't have made them and they are always full yet people still try for a spot there.

  21. What and destroy the view from the restaurants of parked cars!

  22. Not sure if already suggested - “ Seren- fuckidty”.

  23. Make a little gift basket with some sunscreen, and mozzie repellant

  24. And some soove or similar anti itch cream to help afterwards. (And what about a drink cooler - like a stubble cooler etc)

  25. This might be an ignorant question then, if that is the full price, why are they very very expensive? If the idea is to have an educated population, it doesn’t make sense for the cost to be so high ? Or am I missing something ?

  26. Vice chancellors are paid in the region of $600k / year… How is this funded?

  27. A real one, not some phony position in a startup.

  28. Or a “charity foundation” …

  29. To the comments saying her story doesn’t add up, this is a symptom of PTSD. If anything, it proves more so that she was raped otherwise she would be super clear on the details. There is no way any person would make some shit up like being raped only to be scrutinised in such a public manner which is why she’s dropped the charges. It is fucking exhausting being the victim especially when you know the outcome isn’t going to rule in your favour. This is why victims of rape and sexual assault do not speak up because it’s incredibly difficult to prove.

  30. How convenient. If the story makes sense it’s because it’s true. If the story makes no sense and has elements that can easily be disproven it’s even truer because that proves how traumatised she was?

  31. But the knickers being taken off with his teeth and the “healing moment” would sound good in a book, wouldn’t they?

  32. Perhaps she got PTSD because of the actions of others in this … and they still continue to be driving her agenda ( you know who I mean Samantha and David).

  33. I suspect the book deal was arranged for her by others… and she didn’t realised how bad this look was for her.

  34. So he takes a colleague who is blind drunk with him back to work. To then be in a room alone together. To then leave his colleague behind to be found by security naked. How many people know someone that would do that and not be suss as f*ck?

  35. I totally agree with you! I hope that the journalist referencing the moonbump is a signal that the gloves are coming off. That’s quite an explosive assertion to make and when litigious Meghan doesn’t sue, it just proves it’s true. I’m hoping that it’s their way of saying “this is the tamest thing we can leak about you, remember to mind your manners”.

  36. But she did sue when she knew it wasn’t true about her father’s letter - and won!

  37. Ignore it. Say that “as per my agreement, I have provided the proof that I was sick on that day. Please provide the clause in my contract that you have the ability to dictate the method of testing I am required to undertake. Furthermore, if you insist that I provide that testing over and above the requirements of my contract then I would expect that I be compensated for any expenses incurred and also that it happen during my work hours.

  38. I am a GP - your employer has no right to dictate what medical services you require.

  39. OP lives in a humid area, so any solution that relies on evaporation will have limited effect.

  40. A fan works better in humid climate ! ( works on evaporating the sweat). I went from living in a humid climate to a dry climate - fans just spread the hot air where I live now!

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