1. The funny part to me is that they wouldn’t be recognized so much if they wore masks while traveling. Like they could have probably avoided all of this if they just wore masks while walking around the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain.

  2. Why should they ruin their vacation experience and wear mask all they because grown adults don’t know when not to be creeps?

  3. I’m just going to attribute the antics this past week to people being bored because the way they are hyping this victoria and Greg situation makes no sense to me.

  4. Had to scroll for so long to find this comment, like has the sub gotten collective amnesia or what?

  5. Ma’am it was a BIP “engagement”. Let’s be real.

  6. Its definitely money. She probably asked the producer regarding his follower count before rose ceremony

  7. Every day that Rudi is not on BIP is a day this franchise loses.

  8. Victoria is not a serious person so I’m not taking any of this seriously 😂

  9. Jessenia trying to get screen time by all means necessary.

  10. Shanae does not care to find Tyler because she knows she has no claims to him

  11. Lol do they really thing we are interested in watching them lie around the beach doing nothing all day?

  12. I missed a lot of this episode can someone tell me what happened with Kira and Romeo lol

  13. That long silence was Romeo during the math in his head of which options were his best 😂

  14. Either it’s the weed but this is the hardest I’ve laughed in a minute now 😂😂

  15. I mean did he do anything wrong? I mean his reason for breaking up was slightly bogus but if he thought that will make her feel better then do be it.

  16. Oh 👋🏽. Took a break after LI USA ended and am back. I love watching BIP because I’m not emotionally invested in any of these people.

  17. It kinda seems like what Jeff’s dad said kicked this all off inside him

  18. That’s my feeling as well. There’s no way he was that pressed because of Phoebe and Chad

  19. There’s nothing wrong with Jeff’s reaction. Him and Nadhja knew that the OGs would pick Chad and phoebe and protect deb and Jesse. He’s always been open and honest and he let the group know. They were okay the same page up until that point but then she apologizes to the group for his honest reaction? That’s why he reacted like that after.

  20. His reaction with Timmy was anything but honest. Also he can have his opinion about how he things others voted but that’s in no way justifies his reaction.

  21. In this case two things are right, yes they vote for their friends (as do everyone) but also at this moment Deb and Jesse are deserving of a final than Chad and Phoebe.

  22. I just know Jeff is not coming for people voting out Phoebe and Chad. I don’t care if Deb and Jesse are sleeping in separate beds they deserve being in the final over Phoebe and Chad.

  23. These two should have broken up way earlier now it’s just another example of sunk cost fallacy

  24. Mackenzie is giving me Dolly Parton. That’s a compliment

  25. Jesse treats Deb like his boss daughter who he don’t want to hurt or else he gets fired. So he’s not his true self around her and code switches

  26. deb deserves someone who wants to jump her bones whereas all jesse wants to do is suck his own dick

  27. The chemistry has been off from the start. They have always seemed like good buddies to me. I do get that things have turned up lately, they have been a lot more intimate and such but it still just feels like Jesse really just sees her as a friend. Like, maybe she's an attractive girl that he likes and he can hookup with but I don't feel like he's really into her that much roamtnically.

  28. Agreed. Which is why I can’t even be that mad at him because I think he does want to make it work because he likes her but you just can’t force attraction

  29. Since I’m the president of the “Jesse is not attracted to Deb” fan club I’ll like to say I told you so.

  30. Are they gonna eat that food or what? 😂😂

  31. So you think he randomly just decided to use the “all natural” adjective? Even Isaiah is not doing all this reaching to defend himself

  32. That tweet was a viewer’s interpretation of a comment Isaiah made. If you read my points, I indicated that I rewatched that scene and Isaiah did not compare Phoebe to Sydney. So, by sharing a tweet that implies he did, it was hurtful and humiliating. The islanders rely solely on the producers while they are in the villa, and the producers should not have used a tweet that was a viewers interpretation and not a direct quote because it’s hurtful.

  33. In what context was Isaiah and Jeff talking about when they discussed Phoebes natural beauty when if it wasn’t about comparing the two?

  34. I didn’t miss anything right? There was no first look? Kinda make sense with the vote I guess

  35. I mean I honestly don’t get why they are focusing so much on that tweet about Syd. In the challenge a tweet LITERALLY SAID Jesse was faking his feelings for deb and thar he wasn’t emotionally or physically attracted to her 😂😂😂😂 like how is that not any worse than the tweet about Isaiah?! It’s basically saying he’s a fake and doesn’t like her/ is even attracted to her. I’m a little confused how Jesse and deb skated past that tweet without any blow back to their relationship.

  36. In my decades on earth I’ve learn to just support people. Because you WILL be left with egg on your face if they decide to stick with them anyway

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