Just had this queueing experience in Homebase. Couldn't believe my fellow brits. I'm the orange one.

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  1. I suggest trying to either turn on or off the "allow panel self refresh" (or words to that effect iirc) setting in the Intel graphics management software.

  2. DUDE! That totally solved it. How did you even know about this? I thought I looked everywhere but I had totally missed the Intel Graphics Command Center altogether.

  3. Checked every single setting available to me when I first got the laptop! I'm a bit of a nerd 😅.

  4. Some people are sensitive to this (its to do with the way Samsung arranges their pixels). I had this model and noticed the same thing, the "cleartype" tool in windows can help a little.

  5. I went down a similar rabbit hole. Couldn't find any legit looking sources. Your best shot might just be buying another broken wing and harvesting parts from it.

  6. Not by much, there's always a prebuilt fee. 750£ should do. It will defo sell on Ebay for that.

  7. I mean alright lol, I don't mind if someone offers me 750 for it. I did put obo in the post. People are welcome to offer/pay whatever they think the build is worth. Y'all can calm it in the comments.

  8. Going off identical items, sold listings (model/make/condition) I got:

  9. Did you end up getting this screen protector? If so, has it inhibited the writing or drawing with the S pen in any way? If you didn't get a screen protector, is your screen crack free?

  10. not the op but i have something to add,

  11. It's doing ok. Initially it was good but it kind of went back to old temps. I'm gonna liquid cool it though. Just waiting for the right time.

  12. Oh interesting, what kind of liquid cooling setup are you looking at?

  13. Ah got you. Please do make a post with your results!

  14. Someone is selling a razer core x for 120 on here, not too bad. I got a legion boostation with a 2060 for 260.

  15. It is but as I understand it the performance loss via thunderbolt is higher than the loss by the PCI-E implementation of the XG mobile connector.

  16. Damn that's a ridiculous jump. I guess it's designed for the youtubers who don't actually pay for these things..

  17. Yeah for sure. Much more useful for someone who needs performance on the go and doesn't want a bulky laptop.

  18. Did you ever figure this out OP? I'm having the same issue on my Leeku TKL87 PCB. Tried reprogramming with JigOn but no dice. Doesn't seem to take the new programming even though the program says successfully flashed.

  19. No, I don't believe I did, also haven't used that keyboard in ages.

  20. For you OP and for others who find this thread, fix is holding CTRL+CAPS for 10 seconds.

  21. Yeah, that's mostly what I gathered from this article (I edited it in on mobile, but guess the app messed up)

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