Episode 3 changed my view as a straight man.

For an especially amazing showing.

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  1. Yes! One of the best exploration games ever!

  2. yess! nur noch 12 Leitzinsanpassungen, dann ist's überstanden!

  3. Yeah, and remember that you have to have a subscription as well that you have to pay monthly. I don't know how it is with ps5, but xbox you have to have a subscription to be able to play certain games

  4. You don't? What am i doing wrong because some games doesn't work when you buy them digital

  5. i was refering to, that you dont have to pay the ps+ subscription monthly.

  6. Mf asking whether we want more subnautica content in a subnautica community

  7. and still 1400 people didn't clicked on yes

  8. EA did more than one good thing.. how they handled the purchases of "it takes two" and "a way out" was great.

  9. wait they are re-using the map from the previous game? lmao

  10. wireless + cable is still better than wireless + wireless...

  11. Wenn mal was anderes laufen würde als the big bang theory in HD ready (2005 auf den markt gebracht) könnten wir anfangen zu reden...

  12. In talking about your statement in your first post that it would be an unstable 30fps. There's literally no reason that would have to be the case.

  13. as i said: the frames arent even stable on the ps5.

  14. Same reason why they make the ps2 Games Not compatible with the ps3 and so on. No ps4 Games on PS5 this is stupid. I think so you buy the Same Games multiple Times. So it boiles down to Money i guess as usual.

  15. what? you can play almost every ps4 game on the ps5..

  16. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/gtm802/a_stellar_intellectual_input_from_ian_alexander/

  17. Meanwhile die Clever Sackerl um 1,39 für 30 Stk.

  18. Jo holt da halt niemand ab daheim 🤦🏼‍♂️

  19. More immigrants - more robberies.. who would have thought

  20. jedes mal "der Berufspolitiker und Millionär Herbert Kickl" sagen

  21. Hast du noch das ganze Geld dass du in deinem Leben verdient hast?

  22. Jetzt nur mal so, aus Interesse; weißt du, wie Vermögen ausgerechnet wird? Gibt dabei weitaus mehr als nur den Kontostand.

  23. Hier geht es aber nicht ums Vermögen, sonder darum wie viel er bisher verdient hat.

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