1. She really is teasing us..and yet she hasn’t even dropped the Damn thing yet lol

  2. I think she just wants Book 1 and 2 to be a complete surprise when she drops them

  3. It was way too short and quick. I have questions lol

  4. Something that says Book 1; my gosh it’s almost like it may happen one day.

  5. I was able to ask her chatbot when I went up for the neurosity thing and it said it will be releasing book one that it’s excited 💖

  6. I’m just so annoyed like I generally believed she was gonna tease something off Book 1 well I mean she played Welcome to the Opera of course

  7. Still here waiting :) Thankfully I got some banger music from my other faves this year so I've been spoiled in my musical circle. Just waiting for Grimey poo...

  8. I mean like c’mon now surely she must have a release date planned at this point

  9. None of these line up with Utopia, 100% Tragedy, or Welcome to the Opera :,)

  10. I mean there is Book 2 lol or maybe she decided to change the titles of some already known tracks

  11. Bare in mind guys don’t forget

  12. I’m confused on what this is about

  13. Pretty high chance, I hope everyone enjoys the festival and stay safe!

  14. He really changed her :( her intelligence has gone down since the day she met him

  15. Safe to say shes not gonna be on AS9 then.

  16. I don’t think Max wishes to come back anyway tbf

  17. Michelle wasn’t having it ☠️

  18. She has every right to be angry

  19. Anetra- Toot Aura- Toot Jax- Boot Loosey- CAMP TOOT!

  20. Still hoping for Pythia 🕯 I can’t believe they haven’t bought her back yet like tf

  21. Yes but she said this album is finished and plans on releasing it this year

  22. her label expected something from her that it was just Not her personality. she's fun and quirky sometimes but she's not Doja

  23. Exactly they’re to blame also

  24. according to spotify, visions was released on feb 21st 2012, and miss a was feb 21st 2020- so i bet it's gonne be released then ;)

  25. I hope so but we’ll wait and see

  26. I mean as it was a 40 minute episode meaning a lot of SG content would get cut out, it is possible that maybe Salina is correct

  27. Sadly couldn’t go :( I was planning to ugh I’m gutted

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