1. This is one of the cutest things I’ve seen. I read it in Zaks voice and also cried. You are lucky to have a brother that knows you well enough to even think of something like that. Or maybe I had crap siblings.

  2. Luckily he loves the Bagans almost as much as I do

  3. He also referred to it as a “endless natural food supply” or something to that extent. This could just be ignorance, but do a lot of people eat koi?

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through this! Weight loss is hard on its own, and coupling it with hashi’s definitely doesn’t make it easier.

  5. Also… I did weight lifting for several months and I only got bulkier and thicker. :( my legs build muscle so easily but maybe I’ll give that another shot

  6. I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through that, I can’t even imagine. But happy to hear that you’re in a better place now! Everyone is different and what works for one person might not work for another, this is just what’s helped me the best on my journey! Maybe it comes down to finding the type of workouts you really love and sticking to that? I know when I was bouncing around and trying different things I wasn’t giving myself time to actually commit to one!

  7. I, too, have been on a weight loss journey since my diagnosis and can proudly report that I’ve lost 23 lbs since February. It is 100% possible to lose weight with Hashimotos.

  8. This look is serving me “haunted Victorian doll”

  9. I KNOW. This was the first thing that grabbed my attention. What's wild is that I always thought Lala was the one who was overdone with fillers but she actually looks great. I cannot get over it because last season Ariana and Katie looked natural now they look so different.

  10. Can i ask a dumb question? What is LFU? I’ve seen it a lot. Sorry I know dumb question lol

  11. Personally, I find that anything high intensity or excessive cardio does me more harm than good. In my experience, weight training has been by far the most effective. I lift weights 3x per week, get in 10k steps per day, intermittent fast, and make sure that my calories I take in are less than what I expend and that I’m getting enough protein! I started doing this mid January and in 12 weeks had already dropped 13 lbs. I tried incorporating a HIIT workout twice a week and found that it actually hindered my progress (and I prefer weight training anyways) so I cut those out.

  12. You have some awesome advice here but I wanted to add my two cents as well.

  13. This is fantastic advice, thank you for this. I’ll definitely get tested before cutting anything out; I definitely don’t want to give up gluten if I don’t have to. It’s in all the most delicious foods.

  14. I gave up gluten for a few months and I personally didn’t notice a difference. The only thing that happened was that it was hard to meet my nutritional needs. Everybody is different though. However some people say that you can “cure” your hashimotos by not eating gluten which just isn’t true

  15. My endo said that to me too when I was first diagnosed. He said that it might ease some of the symptoms but it won’t cure or reverse it so just eat what you like in moderation and enjoy your life lol

  16. Intermittent fasting and eating at a caloric deficit have worked wonders for me! I started three months ago and have already dropped 11 lbs. I lift weights 3x per week and get 10,000 steps in a day with walking. This is the only diet and workout plan I've ever been able to stick with, and it actually works!

  17. This is what I’ve done for the last 3 months also and it’s working for me. I fast until lunch time a couple days a week and exercise at least 5 days (even if the only exercise I feel like doing is walking, it’s better than not doing anything). I’ve also heard a lot of health benefits to rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline) and that boosts my energy and mood greatly! Also, keep a routine and make your appointments around your exercises so you have no excises not to do it.

  18. I think I need to look into buying a mini trampoline now, that sounds amazing 😂

  19. Check out Facebooks community standards and see if you can find the policy they believe you violated:

  20. It also drove me insane how he kept saying “she got pregnant”, as if it was something she did completely on her own just to make his life more difficult. YOU got her pregnant, Jovi! I wish that human catfish would return to the swamp he crawled out of.

  21. My daughter is also newly diagnosed (Hashimoto’s like me) and is in your shoes. She does not need thyroid hormone replacement yet. This is an autoimmune disease. It can take years for damage to occur. Consider some lifestyle changes that can help like a good diet, sleep, moderate exercise and reducing stress.

  22. Thank you for this! I've found that there's much more information available for people already going through treatment than there is for those of us who have been diagnosed but aren't receiving treatment yet. I've definitely started working on my sleep and eating habits, as well as started taking Vitamin D (I'm crazy vitamin D deficient it turns out), and already that's helped with some of my fatigue. I appreciate this so much!

  23. Fatigue and extreme difficulty losing weight are hypothyroid symptoms. Do you have swelling in your neck and thyroid (goiter), and that's what lead to a thyroid ultrasound? Where any thyroid nodules found? If the disease has progressed to the point that your thyroid has enlarged, the only treatment is replacement thyroid hormones. Levothyroxine is used to treat goiter, as well as the other hypo symptoms, and to reduce thyroid antibodies. The only treatment for Hashimoto's is also replacement thyroid hormones, and often T3 in addition to T4. The autoimmunity in Hashimoto's can cause a problem with conversion of T4 into T3.

  24. Thank you for the thorough response! I don't have any swelling in my thyroid, my moms' gyno is actually the one who caught her cancer because she checks everything. I went to her and, because of my moms' history, she had my thyroid scanned right then and there. I do have a parathyroid nodule that's small enough that it doesn't need to be biopsied, but I have to get another scan in 6 months to make sure it hasn't gotten any bigger.

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