[OC] Visualization of livestock being slaughtered in the US. (2020 - Annual average) I first tried visualizing this with graphs and bars, but for me Minecraft showed the scale a lot better.

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  1. It’s like Cotopaxi’s Del Dia bags. 100% NOT TACTICOOL but all the strength. 10/10 would buy one.

  2. You know what we Apple did hards have this mentality that everything just worked when jobs was around. I believe the few devices to this day to be flawless for me is the iPod Classic, iPhone 5C, iPhone X and iPad Pro 9.7.

  3. That’s where the money is - locking into subscriptions. Research shows the latest generation prefers that and it’s the way to guarantee a constant money stream.

  4. Completely agree. A lot of it comes from leadership and management. I don’t think they prioritise things like perfection and polish as much anymore. Without Jobs there to push that radical pursuit of the ideal, you then get a situation where leadership hire managers who are, for a lack of a better word, slack and sloppy. They’re more driven by standard American corporate culture — KPIs and diversity and inclusion. These are fine goals to have, but I think a lot of the managers being hired today would be rejected or fired pretty quickly had they been in the Jobs-era Apple.

  5. Memories of when Jobs came back in the 90s and rebuilt the product lineup into two lines with two models each…

  6. You must be playing an orc or half-orc. “Grog the Good make you feel BETTER!!” ka-thwack! “See? NOW YOU ALL BETTER!!”

  7. I have an M1 256 iPad Pro 12.9 and both M1 and M2 13” MacBook Pros and ram doesn’t really matter on these machines (the macbooks are 16/512 and 8/256). I am pushing the 8/256 M2 really hard and it doesn’t care, when you get the iPad Pro it will become your favourite device (especially with the magic keyboard) but even then some workflows are just so much better on osx (video, 3d…). If you have the money sure 1TB is better than 512 but in real use you won‘t notice any difference and apple won‘t fragment its iPads based on memory. Don’t get the 11” though, the mini led is great

  8. Video workflow - dunno, DaVinci Resolve is kicking serious ass for me right now.

  9. Not really a Scarlet Night thing, but there happens to be a way to access the performers' dressing rooms and cruise director's office (there is one...), then the upper half of the Red Room at the bow. Deck 7 forward, outside, then into the little space connecting port and starboard. Luckily the performer that caught us was nice - we really didn't know where we were going or how we got there...

  10. Same I worked at a farm that gave petting farm events on wheels with at least 5 vans and multiple workers. When hired I said my kid was in military and going to Germany for 3 years so this one week she was coming home before leaving overseas. I was clear I would need that week off. Reminded her a month prior then the week before. She texted me a schedule for work in that week and I called and she said I work or I am fired. So she had to find someone else when I told her to go to hell. How easy is it to find someone able to handle farm animals, drive into a city school yard set up , keep every body and thing safe while lecturing on the animals etc? Also they were religious nuts who were constantly telling me I was going to hell because I believed in evolution. It was really easy to quit. But it really sunk in how rotten fundamentalist Christian businesses are. They were rotten to the workers and the animals.

  11. “Christian” and “business” do not mix. Note, the only time Jesus went ham in the Bible was on the businesspeople in the Temple…

  12. You obviously haven't read the Prosperity Gospels that are the rage of businesses now.

  13. ...and for good reason. Joel Osteen is full of shit.

  14. Thanks for the info. That makes sense. I guess you’d have to drive beneath or maybe fly behind it in a paraglider or something to achieve that. Ultimately perhaps not worth it for most.

  15. Neither of those things would be legal without heavy waiver-ing from the FAA.

  16. Let this inform you as to your future experience. Cancel the account - it’s pretty stupid to be paying them monthly right now.

  17. Other side of the coin here. As somebody who had a company vehicle, in my experience you guys think cause its a pick up were slow and you just cut in or .maybe you arent afraid of me sending you the bird cause my boss might find out.

  18. Hah I know this feeling. After a particularly terrible experience about 15 years ago I did the same thing. Generally have not checked a bag on any outgoing flight since then, though once in a while if I buy something on a trip and need to check my bag because of it, then I'll do it on the trip home as the stakes aren't quite as high.

  19. Not true on an international connection, you normally have to retrieve your checked bag and go through the security process again.

  20. Those three purses look the same. Even 1/10 of $1000 is mildly insane.

  21. I have no idea what you're trying to say, but if it was only 350 million chickens a year, that would be 11 chickens a second. That wouldn't look anything like the visualization (of 296 a second).

  22. Half a chicken is ~3 lbs of just chicken. That’s nearly half a pound of chicken a day. That’s a fucking insane amount of chicken to consume in one year.

  23. I’ve never seen a man eat so many chicken wings…

  24. Had tiny trauma shears with me going into Australia - confiscated. Claimed they were too big, i mentioned the size in mm, then they were too sharp. Started to mention that they’re rounded but saw no point. Whatever, man, vegemite vegemite shrimp-on-the-barbie to you too mate.

  25. It’s not really that different from most developed countries these days. It’s mostly standardised.

  26. Not true. Spain’s security in regular lines rivals US PreCheck speed. Only boots and coats off, empty the pockets, y buenos dias.

  27. Could we sticky this comment on the top of

  28. I am REALLY liking Resolve on the iPad - it’s the thing I’ve been waiting for to allow it to replace a laptop. Just wish file browsing and management was easier but it’s up to Apple for that.

  29. The mushroom test kitchen menu looks really good. I forgot Pink Agave 🤦🏻‍♀️ but that sounds amazing! We were thinking about getting the seafood tower item at the Wake. Has anyone had that?

  30. Honestly, The Wake is a much better restaurant at brunch. Give it a miss for dinner, Extra Virgin has a better steak and Pink Agave has the BEST one (damn, that flank steak!!!!).

  31. Plus that's also labor for prep and cleanup, so they might only be out 4-5 hours but they're putting in two days of work to get there.

  32. Some cities don’t allow the prep in the truck itself, you have to rent time or own a commercial kitchen somewhere for it. Pics required on the application, site subject to inspection.

  33. Avast ye scallywags and deliver forth the chewies!

  34. Dude was already replaced by a robot last year…

  35. It’s good to know the children learn metaphysics and governmental logic early on…

  36. Don’t the specs say that the base Studio’s front USB are regular USB and not Thunderbolts, but the Ultra model’s are? Probably the issue here.

  37. Palo Duro Canyon SP, Bomb City Distilling in Amarillo, if there’s a Blue Sky Burgers near you eat there. Otherwise, only thing we grow out there are windmills and pumpjacks. Hope you have a few audiobooks.

  38. It was the most Texan thing I’ve ever seen.

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