1. I'm not saying you should do this to your training partner but is getting choked funny?

  2. I'm not sure what your point is? This is disrespectful as fuck to your (presumably) student or co-coach. Third degree burns, a big blister and maybe even a scar. He held the lighter on the skin for quite a while.

  3. Maybe they can focus on common a feature set between mobile and web.

  4. good point. I had to disable email notifications from PC because I couldn't do that from the app.

  5. Thanks. I recorded this run with my Garmin watch and Garmin Connect app says that I had 396 m Total Ascent. IDK which one is real

  6. Strava's elevation gain figure is corrected using map data. Garmin's just uses GPS elevation data if your watch doesn't have an onboard barometric altimeter (only on higher end watches), so I personally trust Strava's figures more. Garmin's GPS elevation figures tend to be very inflated in my experience, especially in areas with poor or inconsistent GPS connectivity.

  7. I have Forerunner 45. Just googled it and it says this model lacks barometric altimeter so I guess Strava has it right (or at least it's closer)

  8. I'll let myself call you out... Once you finish Can't Hurt Me, find another book that interests you and read it. Everyone should read AT THE VERY LEAST at least a few good books a year (though I would aim for at least one a month).

  9. for the next ones, I was thinking about Living with a SEAL and Discipline Equals Freedom

  10. Living with a seal is a more entertaining and funny book. I read it because I was interested on how davis goggins lives his life. Don't expect it to teach you much really.

  11. yea it sounds entertaining when you hear the way Jesse Itzler talking about it and LeBron said that book is hilarious

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