1. Bro, the same exact thing happened to me. Our filters had stopped working and we called the customer care. Some 3-4 people came stating that our filters have gone kaput and needs to be replaced. They gave the same AMC crap and we paid 5k. After few months, filters stopped working and we called the customer support again. A representative came and told us that apparently these scamsters are everywhere and we need to check their digital ID card before letting them in. How on earth would we know??

  2. Bhai pregnancy glow vlow kuch nhi hota.. faltu ka Natak laga rakha hai.. ask those women who suffered from hyper pigmentation during pregnancy. Stop this BS. Ek aur burden dal rakha hai ladies par ki bhai pregnancy mein glow karo warna you aren’t pregnant enf wtf

  3. Satya vachan. During my first trimester, my morning sickness was so severe that I'd lost 8 kgs. Not all pregnant women have that 'glow' 🙄.

  4. There's a big Karnataka Sangha in Qatar. We recently celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava function. It was so heartwarming to meet our fellow Kannadigas. However, when compared to other communities like Malayalees and Tamilians , our numbers are smaller.

  5. I'm having a baby. I'm 30 weeks now and so damn terrified. But I'm gonna do it. I want a baby so bad.

  6. Hang in there honey. HG is the worst. All you can do is take your meds and rest. Don't worry about anything else. You will slowly figure out a pattern of food that is easy for your stomach. For me, my condition was much better after 14 weeks. Although my vomiting was controlled to an extent by meds, my appetite slowly increased.

  7. The hell is wrong with you man!!! You think rapes and murders don't happen anywhere else? You know what, don't visit India. We're better off without people like you.. GTFO

  8. I'm 21 weeks 4 days. I was able to have a good amount of water after my first trimester was done. But even now, sometimes the taste icks me off. And even now, i can't have water at night as I'll vomit it out. Water intake is limited only to the morning.

  9. It's time to go the ER when you cant even keep water down. Keep an eye on your food intake. If more than half comes out, notify this to your doctor. Also, if you can't even manage to stand up and slowly walk around feel completely drained and dehydrated, then you need to head to the ER.

  10. ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ (Namaskara) or ನಮಸ್ತೆ (namaste) in Kannada, a language spoken in Karnataka state of South India.

  11. Technically you don't need to "wean off of it" like an antidepressant or something that would cause withdrawal symptoms. And there's no harm in taking it, so don't force it too early.

  12. Yeah I agree. But even with meds I puke 2-3 times a day. So I was just trying to get opinions to understand if women with HG do this. Thanks for your input though :)

  13. Totally. I'd say take it until the benefits are negligible ☺️ Best of luck!

  14. I got my husband's guitar with me to Qatar. It has a hard case so it was already decently protected. I had purchased extra baggage and hence wasn't questioned regarding the guitar. I did ask the airlines to put a Fragile sticker on it since it's an expensive guitar. So all in all, no hassles.

  15. Spot on with the review dude. The whole film fraternity was all praises for Alia. I'm so glad I watched it on Netflix and not in a theater. This movie was like the eternal saga of a pimp 🙄

  16. She's beauty, she's grace. She fell flat on her face :D

  17. Yes. All the different branches of immigration offices are open. Make sure you go there very early like 6:30 AM. Keep all the necessary documents ready.

  18. Just spoke to the officer at the immigration office gate, he suggest that I fly my family on a tourist / visa on arrival and convert once they are here and the visa has been approved.

  19. Oh man.. would've been awesome with sound. But funny nevertheless :)

  20. Al khor last week, we're at Al Karaana today not much birds due to the winds.

  21. Ended up in Al Khor again today, spotted flamingoes and spoonbills today at Thakira. :)

  22. Never knew that one could see flamingoes here. I'll definitely check it out. Do share pics please.

  23. Life can be so overwhelming sometimes. Just take a long deep breath. Both my parents, in laws, my husband and I had Covid. My father is a heart patient with BP and diabetes. He was able to recover in less than a week. Same thing with all of us. We all recovered soon.

  24. Boil water with grated ginger, clove, a small stick of cinnamon. Have it at regular intervals. If you have access to Tulsi (Indian Basil) leaves, you can add that too. Keep drinking warm water, soup. Avoid anything cold until you feel better.

  25. Such a beautiful baby :) love her eyes. Senior kitties are the best

  26. I stayed in Aleph Doha. Since I'm a vegetarian I had informed this to the security during my check in time. They were really sweet and served only vegetarian food which was good enough. I was impressed as they were more than happy to accommodate my request. The room was very clean and the front desk response to any requests was quite fast. I would definitely recommend.

  27. Thats a great one! This is what I was expecting tbh. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Thank you!

  28. This film was the definition of cool. No reviewer could resist using adjectives like "fresh" and "young". The consistent blue color palette was the first time I saw an Indian director using it like that to establish tone.

  29. Can you elaborate on the blue colour pallette observation please?

  30. I'm going through IVF and had conceived after quite some struggle. It was the happiest moment of my life. But during the 7-8 th week, during the scan, the doc couldn't find the heartbeat. So the doctor asked us to wait for another week just to be sure. But again, no heartbeat. Suddenly my happiest moment changed to a nightmare. A procedure was scheduled (I think it was called a D&C) and I was sent home after. Physically I was advised to take lots and lots of rest. I remember, my husband and I would break down everyday. We were about to be parents for the first time. It was extremely difficult. Some days were tougher than others. Give yourselves time to process. Surround yourself with people who can understand what you and your SO went through. If needed, talk to a therapist. It's never easy. Even now when I look at a pregnant woman, I feel a twinge in my belly.

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