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  1. It’s all fun n games till you brake onto the wire, a wire goes wonky and you get ⚡️

  2. The mods on race dept aren’t free are they?

  3. Same here - makes any race w/o formation lap unplayable. I just run max tyre pressure at the moment - sort of a temp fix to improve race starts but it still results in overheating of tyres and chronic understeer 🥲

  4. Can’t do any of that on online multiplayer (atleast ranked) short races because there’s no option for formation lap. The guys in the middle of the pack always take you out smh

  5. Basically any race w/o formation lap has blanket tyre temps

  6. Thrustmaster just put up a weird checkered flag tweet so maybe the final reveal is august? That’s when the SF1000 wheel was released officially right?

  7. I'd rather have Spain without the a but no EA chose violence.

  8. Anyone backorder on Adorama? They’re the only US site that constantly takes back orders for the wheel - wondering when they’ll ship… :(

  9. Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition is a great game and also basically the only way to get the Spider-Man Remastered game for PS5 (including DLCs). And it’s under like $50 for 2 great games so I think it’s def worth it. Ghost of Tsushima is also one of my personal favs - the Director’s Cut on PS5 just looks absolutely amazing

  10. wrong phone to buy in hopes of unlocking etc. mind if you mention a country and your budget.

  11. What about the moto e 2020? Can it be OEM unlocked (if I buy a factory unlocked non carrier one) through Motorola’s Bootloader Unlock program?

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