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  1. Hmm yes, worshipping politicians like celebrities. This is the content this sub is made for. /s

  2. If allowed to go that far, they will. The constant push is to either make you give it up now, or be the last generation to have it while they brainwash the next generation to not want it. They want you as dependent on the state as they can possibly get you.

  3. As a Wolf, I have never pretended we are the good guys. Only the best guys.

  4. Your temporary possession of these worlds does not vex the ilClan. All shall fly the Star League banner in time.

  5. I for one wouldn't want him to be dismissed, like him or loathe him, he's got a decent build up in the fiction, and I want to see where it all goes.

  6. I really hope they lean into the 'loathe him' option. He's the perfect arrogant Wolf in and out of universe and as a Wolf fan I like the idea of all the Wolf haters having a personality to focus their ire on.

  7. Clan Ghost Bear: for people who want to be Clan Wolf but cant handle getting called Clan Mary Sue so they settle for the writers' second favourite clan

  8. I feel like that's where a good half of the Mary Sue accusations pointed at the Wolves are coming from 🤣

  9. As a Diamond Shark, I applaud the Inner Sphere for destroying those belligerent Surats.

  10. Yet no one really misses the Kerensky Cluster either.

  11. At this point, most corporations might as well be government agencies

  12. Especially when they have resIdent FBI agents and whole offices dedicated to taking 'requests' directly from the government to shut down accounts they don't like.

  13. Purpa birb is the most round and therefore best of the birbs based on the science of what the logos look like. When purpa birb explodes for a bit, however, the birb power is concentrated in the Marik-Stewart commonwealth and Rim commonality, neither of which maintains the original purple birb's orbulent majesty. Clan sword birb gets bonus points for trying to make birb mechs, but immediately loses most of them because only the Turkina is proper borb. Clan cold birb likes to fly, which is bad because flying birbs are not present for us to observe their roundness.

  14. Angry sword birb has rectangle. This fails the orbulent birb test. Probably why they're so angry.

  15. M81, MARPAT woodland, Flecktarn for deep green innawoods/pine.

  16. All I ask for is a legal path to access something that no law is preventing criminals from accessing. I want firepower parity with the gangbangers. And buying a pre '86 for $30k isn't a realistic path for most of us.

  17. What's utterly amazing to me is the order in which we figured this out. Pedestrians knew the pandemic was over about a year ago, while the MSM media was still pumping vaccine authoritarianism. Dark corners of social media figured it out. Now the MSM is figuring it out. And yet our government, who should be the first to know this, still hasn't admitted it. How dumb are they?

  18. Never blame on stupidity what you can assign to malice when it comes to government.

  19. Reduce hearing loss, and to reduce signature and have better situational awareness and teammate communication in case of an emergency ice house building scenario in Minecraft. Also I feel like it smoothes the recoil on my rifle but that could just be my perception.

  20. I present to you the rest of the world. Still have shit people, but less gun deaths, curious...

  21. Why is a gun death worse than any other form death wrongly inflicted by a criminal? Because a gun was used?

  22. Strange... Semi auto guns aren't allowed here in Australia.... Yet we still don't get mass shootings.

  23. Strange, I honestly don't give a shit about cucked country opinions. Eat this dick. Cold dead hands bitch.

  24. Yup, never understood why they go after mom and pop shops when they can go for the federal reserve buildings instead

  25. To destroy independent business and force all business into big business, which can then be more easily captured by the state during the communist revolution. They don't want hold outs when they take the reigns.

  26. Everything Antifa does is to advance communism so no, they can get fucked.

  27. I fucking support this. Makes me think of those Halo Reach live action ads. God those were good.

  28. Not the veteran's plates though, those are still good to my knowledge.

  29. The problem is, the same people who tout the 2nd amendment as the peak of their personal rights usually have some pretty hot takes about women and people of color.

  30. If they really DID go door to door across the country, that would be pretty bad. For all parties involved. Fuck.... I gotta get nods soon don't I?

  31. Nah, they'll just criminalize you remotely so you can't vote or buy any new guns.

  32. They're building up a nice little stable of ilClan era mechs now. Would be pretty neat if they did a couple force packs of them in the near future.

  33. We’ve entered the era of gun design where everything looks like a Scar/ACR derivative

  34. The clans never lost HPG tech or the ability to build jump ships the way the inner sphere did, really once we had control we had no need for comstar.

  35. Just a side note, the IS didn't fully lose the ability to build jumpships, but it slowed to a glacial pace during the Succession Wars. Destroying one was still considered a crime against humanity simply due to the impact it would have on life supporting trade to lose another crucial jumpship in a time where you can only make a handful a year (at massive expense) and every one of them was severely needed.

  36. It's true. You don't even have to be in the army. All you gotta do is get in and get out

  37. Nobody's forcing you to choose shit. That's a distorted perception on your part.

  38. I own all the scary 'assault weapons' and 'high capacity magazines' that the blue team universally wants to ban, and I intend to keep growing my collection. Tragically they are also the only ones even willing to talk about marijuana legalization. Where's the distorted perception?

  39. It seems like you believe the only way to advance any given cause is to vote red vs blue, and then sit back. Is that what you're saying?

  40. I'd rather vote libertarian, but there aren't enough of us. I really don't like the red vs blue dynamic, but we have clear evidence that every time blue takes over a state they immediately ram through harsh gun control. You seem to be really upset with me for pointing out this fact and saying that it frequently forces me to hold my nose and vote red to protect my interests. I don't like it but that's how it is.

  41. Yes. It's really helpful if you have a loaded gun I. Your car, so the attacker can take it away from you and shoot you with it.

  42. ... shoot them first? Sounds like a competence problem to me.

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