1. that’s awesome! where did you buy that case?

  2. This is so cool also where did you get the display case and what is its measurements?

  3. got it on clearance at my local comic book shop!

  4. whats that at the top left? and where can i get DD funko pops they are sold out everywhere i look :(

  5. it’s a Daredevil Hot Toy! :) and probably from resellers, maybe on mercari? i’ve had mine for years now

  6. Moira Rose dressed as a crow! Love Schitts Creek but she sits there all alone looking silly since it’s my only schitts creek funko pop

  7. i stopped listening once i heard “tory lanez”

  8. I'm on it right now, started with around 4mg per day and now I'm down to 2mg. It helped to get rid of my delusions and paranoia so I thank it for that. The downsides are increase weight gain, loss of sex drive, etc but honestly not that bad when you consider the alternative

  9. If you don’t mind me asking, how long into taking the medication did you being getting rid of the delusions and paranoia?

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