Are you high right now?

For an especially amazing showing.

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

Hope to make it to the other side.

Something isn't adding up

  1. E seria interessante arrumar outro cachimbo ja que nesse a acetona ja pode estar misturada ao plastico e vai acabar sendo liberada na fumaça. Faz um mal danado fumar acetona.

  2. Muitoo obrigada por comentar! Ontem deu muita vontade de usar pq acabou a seda mas lembrei de tu kkkkkk

  3. Põem num pote com água quente e sabão neutro, vinagre e alcool, de preferência use algum artefato pra limpar o interior, pode ser uma escova de arma, escova de canudo, cotonete fino, limpador de cachimbo ou qualquer gambiarra que alcance o interior da peça.

  4. Sou cristã, não sei se você também é. Não acho que é pecado não! Em uma época eu também achava e era bem legalista até com qualquer substância que me "alterasse", sabe? Hoje em dia, a partir dos meus devocionais, relacionamento com Deus e ouvindo as pessoas (dos dois lados) compreendi que errado é se perder no negócio e buscar refúgio nisso invés do Senhor — o que também não acho que é pecado, só acho que não é saudável física e espiritualmente.

  5. Everyone is different. I workout a fuck ton and it only ever benefits me.

  6. I'll meet a new endo specialist by the end of the month! I'm excited but also kinda nervous, I'm scared she won't believe me or gaslight me, so I was hoping to know if this is normal and something a doctor would believe :) that's why I made the post, so thank you for sharing your experience!

  7. I am hoping that this can go away for me, I had surgary 5 weeks ago.

  8. Oh yes! Sometimes I notice that contracting the core can make a flare magically appear, it's usually how I know things are about to get bad lol

  9. What design is it? Did you build it correctly?There needs to be atleast 3 villager and they need to be abel to sleep and see the pillager/zombie. Did the zombie/pillager die or despawn?

  10. It worked! I expanded the villagers area to there would be 1 block spaces between their beds. Apparently they wouldn't sleep with the beds next to each other. Thank you!

  11. I did not just click on it like 5 times thinking I wasn't hitting the little circle

  12. Não fumo na frente de criança e sozinha só fumo de boa na casa da minha mãe (porque lá pode) e na faculdade, acompanhada fumo em qualquer rua, mas tomando cuidado porque sou medrosa kkkkk

  13. Nice build! I would love to have an enchanted forest with the soul fire on my world, it looks so cool! Like the others said, be careful online, ok?

  14. Awesome builds bro, well done.

  15. Fantastic! You should check my town / village out ! Trying to find other town builders like myself ! Keep up the good work

  16. False. I just keep running until I find some villagers I can evict.

  17. Skelly spawners are the best I LOVE THEM!!!! Wish I could find one in the world me and my gf have, it would be awesome.... I'm tired of killing those poor chickens

  18. If people want to call themselves it, fine by me.

  19. Cringe is the word I was looking for to describe how it feels to me

  20. If comparing to Brazil, yes (if shopping at not so cheap supermarkets)

  21. Well there is no where else for them to spawn. And no other hostile mobs can spawn as it's day time. So while it doesn't do anything to mob spawning itself. It does make basically perfect spawning conditions

  22. Look into height maps. It's because the world is only a few blocks thick so everything happens at a low height, which greatly increases the success of spawn attempts. Also, as other have noted, there's no where else for mobs to spawn

  23. Thank you! Gonna take a look at height maps, I play minecraft since I was a kid but just now I'm learning about this technical stuff, it's so much information!

  24. It's beautiful, the roof looks so good! How did you learn to build thus style? I always watch videos and stuff but when I try do it on my own it's always so ugly 😂

  25. Eu fumo tudin kkkk uma dica pra esse final não ficar forte é puxar a piteira pra trás, deixar ela um pouco mais longe da ganja

  26. Put some veggies in it! I like brown rice with carrots, you can cook them with the rice.

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