1. The heavy distortion pedal is a no brainer addition for studios

  2. Looks like I have a lot of pedal demos to watch 🤷‍♂️

  3. We gonna talk about the Emmy flex or nah?

  4. Looking for input on external mic pre’s: After looking at the FAQ I’m wondering if the global community thinks that external pre’s aren’t overly necessary? I’ve heard it kinda both ways and I’m torn. I’m looking to invest in bit in my setup starting with a new Mac and upgrading from GB to logic. I’m planning to jump from the $200 rode overhead mics to akg 214s. I get pretty good tones for GB and a basement studio but wondering if putting 3k into pre’s is a wise move? I’d definitely need to go entry level’ish as I use 12 mics on my drum setup. Idk, just looking for some input

  5. I think so. I have a pair of Krks that have done pretty well. Hadn’t thought of a change there but I’m open to suggestions!

  6. No and it’s not really even close

  7. Whatnis the alternative to an external preamp that you are considering?

  8. Honestly just other gear. Maybe a new guitar or upgrade more mics

  9. Okay cool. But I meant, if you're not plugging into an external preamp, what preamp are you using instead? If it's the preamp on a $20 berringher interface maybe not so hot. But most of the higher-end consumer stuff the preamp is just fine and you won't need anything external unless you have more inputs than preamps it came with.

  10. Sorry, I misunderstand. I currently run a profire 2626 slaved into a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

  11. I visited. Forums used to be my thing fifteen years ago but I'm so lost.

  12. Lol what is that volume pedal??

  13. It's just the Ernie Ball VP Jr. Tuner. I like it because it takes up less space than a tuner and a volume pedal.

  14. No luck. Just continuously refreshing Twitter lol

  15. You don’t really mention what you want the rack gear for. Do you do a lot of mic recording? Guitars? Just synths?

  16. Great call out, thank you. I don’t think I can realistically get preamps for all my drums but I feel like snare and kick would be nice. I would like to use it for my guitar amp as well with 2 channels, so minimum of 4 channels of pre-s. To fully preamp the kit it would be 11 channels

  17. Beware of Gear Acquisition Syndrome. All musicians are vulnerable to this threat.

  18. I’m neck deep man. I picked up guitar a couple years ago and it’s been an avalanche of purchases ever since. My drum purchases have been a trickle for over 25 years, I’m pretty good there.

  19. His ability to stay healthy could be an issue long term

  20. I am so excited to see Eichel's pissy locker clean out interview in contrast to all the good vibes ours will have.

  21. Very interested to see how it goes. But I’m sure it’ll be “tough year, need to get healthy in offseason, great group, happy to be here” blah blah blah

  22. Tim Connolly or max afinogenov

  23. Lol this should please jack eichel

  24. I hope this becomes a thing for these people. Egging is such a simple thing but man can it make a mess of those vehicles

  25. Saw them in NYC. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

  26. It’s nice to not hate watch this team anymore

  27. I bought a sensor last year and had crazy levels. Got a system installed and now it’s very manageable.

  28. When the NHL can provide a superior service than pirate streams is when they'll get my money.

  29. It really is incredible isn’t it? They think blackouts are an effective strategy but in reality all it’s doing is just driving me to find a free stream. I’d gladly pay for access to just Sabres games but idk guess they don’t want my money

  30. That pass by Casey Sick Mitts thru two defenders was unreal.

  31. Such a bummer he got hurt like 4 minutes into the season. I thought this year was going to be the breakout but all those injuries killed that

  32. Still think it’s pretty lame their flagship is getting another clone

  33. I didn’t think this album deserves the hate it got. I enjoyed it

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