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  1. Arifureta has guns. Still worth the watch imo.

  2. That does help quite a bit! My only question goes even simpler: if you dont mind, could you explain a little more in detail what it is you do while working on a project? I still have it in my mind that its all binary and stuff. Im positive its not like that at all, but its sort of a mental hump I need to get over. I've grown up with a pretty ignorant to the IT field, being more or a hands on outdoor work kind of guy.

  3. I'm more of a jack of all trades sysadmin, but a very basic and rough example of a project I'd work on would be:

  4. You can get fat eating smothered chicken that’s made with whipping cream and a starch. You can get fat from pounding bacon, sausage, red meats, and you can get fat from dairy products. Point is that you can get fat eating an excess of calories. Meats and dairy products generally are calorie dense foods. A lot of people will do diets like veganism, keto, paleo, etc in an attempt to do restrictive eating. Works for some, doesn’t work for most. Usually the some it works for will eventually stop because restrictive eating instead of moderation in what you eat will lead to failure. But yeah, a lot of people can absolutely get fat as hell even being a vegan.

  5. Can confirm. Fat junk food vegan here. I just don't want to hurt animals.

  6. The emphasis was originally on the "pea" part.

  7. I think they mean adversity and words not actually getting killed by a car etc

  8. Do what they mean and not what they say, right?

  9. Have charging cables for all types of phone's handy .

  10. This is a good LPT for anyone, not just singles.

  11. But trial it first. People seem to either love it or hate it.

  12. I personally threw my money at Linux Academy during their sale. They seem to release videos on topics faster (e.g.: Azure), and the overall quality seems higher.

  13. Absolutely agreed. I'd much rather read what someone here wrote over vendor docs.

  14. This. I couldn't find shit back in Phoenix Arizona, and every employer and their mother demanded I have "five years of IT experience" before I could qualify for a pitiful SysAdmin role barely pulling in $40,000 a year (gross, not net) while rent continued to climb quickly to California-esque levels. Said fuck it, time to move to California.

  15. Pretty sure it's not common to stay on helpdesk that long, no matter where you're looking. If you're in it longer than 2 years, I'd argue you're not really getting experience at that point and you're cementing yourself in that role.

  16. Looks very good. This game would be massively successful if done right. I'm not a coder or anything, but PM me if you need anyone to test or you want suggestions based on the original SCO/AR/Ace :D I've been playing since SCO.

  17. Hi Mr. Reich. How do you see the impeachment affecting the economy and global markets, both short and long term?

  18. Yeah, Optimum is down. Seems to be affecting the entire tristate area and has been going on a few hours now.

  19. Why are we praising the camera man for...standing still and recording?

  20. Why not? It was good camera work and the kid looks like he was having fun.

  21. I know this is going to be part of the problem. Nobody is ever going to live up to her or be like her, and I’ve accepted that. Even second best to her is going to be hard.

  22. Sorry for your loss, but with this mindset, you're never going to find someone you really appreciate. Stop comparing women to your wife. It's not going to be perfect at the start, but you'll learn and grow with someone else and make something just as great, but different.

  23. thank you for your reply/insights. I hope it's just his personality. It's just, I get these thought that what if I behave in a way that he doesn't like? Will he lash out at me? Get angry or annoyed? Been through that and definitely don't need it again

  24. I'm sure he will get angry or annoyed if you behave in a way he doesn't like. Most people do. Doesn't mean he's abusive or that his version of "annoyed" matches yours. If you really want to know how he'll react, ask him. You were hurt by your ex, but that doesn't mean all men are bad or overreact.

  25. Doubletake uses you preferences as a guideline, but tries to suggest people outside your range that you would 'no otherwise see'. So your settings are probably correct, it is just ignoring them 'for your own good.'

  26. He could just be covering up because you didn't answer.

  27. In a similar boat myself. In my case, I've never had a relationship and have only ever been on one date in my life (I'm 31, for reference).

  28. There are plenty of people out there in that situation and still find success. Maybe just need to find the right person?

  29. I disabled my account right after we spoke about it. I had a strange feeling last night and something told me to check if he had deleted his. I logged in (which restored my account) and saw that he had not disabled or deactivated his account. However it didn’t show that he was online. I looked once more last night and once this morning and he wasn’t online. I disabled my account again this morning.

  30. Doesn't really matter how you justify it. There could be any number of reasons he still has the account up. Reactivating your account because you "had a strange feeling" doesn't speak well to the longevity of the relationship.

  31. For anyone wondering, those are two characters from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  32. You're not in the wrong here. That's super fucked up. I think you handled it well.

  33. These got a bit old for me, but this one made me laugh again. Thanks op

  34. Came here to say this. Nice one OP.

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