1. Look…I always get my greater than and less than wrong

  2. Amazing. And yet all the hype remains about India lol.

  3. I think that Australia has an ageing team across formats but I don’t think it’s a structural issue like with South Africa, Cricket Australia is still a wealthy board and there is some talent that will remain in the team for years/coming through.

  4. I don't think its a money issue. Even England is struggling to find next-gen quality batters and bowlers particularly in the Test format.

  5. Well I don’t disagree about the quality of the BBL, but lots of Australian white ball players can be partially developed by the BBL and further developed by other overseas competitions, especially the IPL. The Sheffield Shield still means to produce decent red ball players and if Australia continues to find u19 and Australia A games that should help with development. As for England’s red ball players I’m no expert but it seems there’s constant anxiety about the quality and state of the county championship in England, with its time of year, pitches and number of teams.

  6. "Smash them" is likely to mean more DNFs. You can recover from one DNF. Two however... maybe not.

  7. Yeah in V8SC second gets 92% of the points that the winner does, which is far more than other series. This rewards consistency far more than strike power.

  8. Not surprising, but the DSQ was still harsh for what the issue was.

  9. I’d be surprised if they pushed it further, the odds of overturning it on another appeal would be pretty low and would take up a lot of resources they’d probably rather devote elsewhere, both in terms of the monetary cost, time and effort. Realistically they should still back themselves to be able to win both championships despite this setback given the speed they have too.

  10. And Women cricket doing heavy lifting for Australia too.. Don't undermine U-19WC just because India won that more time. Atleast it's more competitive than W-Cricket.

  11. Women’s cricket is the peak that 50% of the population can reach, u19 isn’t the peak for anyone.

  12. India is finished in ODIs. can't believe we took one of the fattest L against a team that lost a series against Zimbabwe at home.

  13. So Zimbabwe are better than England and New Zealand, got it.

  14. Honestly agree with RD quite a lot here, there’s been a few years now where Super2/3 have just been a complete demolition derby with almost every race being shortened. It makes a joke of the product in the end.

  15. Well the records certainly tumbled today. India’s biggest ODI loss by balls remaining (234) (beating out the NZL match linked below), a 10 wicket loss at home and the quickest ever 10 wicket win. Memorable for sure.

  16. Finch only saying Australia haven’t overhit it because it’s worked perfectly

  17. Are there words for losses this big? Shellacking, pasting, pumping, etc. seem too small to describe it.

  18. Honestly I’d probably focus a little more on telling stories/narrative than stats when it comes to things like Championship finishing positions in his earlier V8 years. I’d elaborate on his break out 2017 season with his controversial title loss in the dying stages of the final race and then focus on his rebound to 3 straight title, especially focusing on his battles with SVG and his dominant 2019 season where he won Bathurst and annihilated the competition. I’d probably gloss over the development series slightly more too but that’s just my preference. Overall it’s a good effort for a first video tho.

  19. Sandown 500 will be a single race on the Sunday. Friday is usually practice and then Saturday is usually practice and qualifying, they used to have a qualifying race for the sandown 500, similar to what f1 do for some races, not sure if theyll still do that though. If you’re wanting to see the race then Sunday would be the day to go. Most other races like Newcastle have a qual, top ten and a race on both Saturday and Sunday. The super sprint races usually have a race on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

  20. I think I have somewhat of an understanding as i’ve seen bathurst a couple times, but feel free to elaborate

  21. Well Bathurst is unique as a round with a 4 day event with practice on Thursday/Friday/Saturday, qualifying on Friday, shootout on Saturday and warm up/race on Sunday.

  22. The way England talk you’d think they’ve been the best team in the world for about 10 years. Australia is ranked first, in the WTC final and won The Ashes 4-0 last time out. England could very well win but this just looks arrogant.

  23. Chooks halves combo looks so far short of where it needs to be to challenge for a premiership this season. Forward pack hasn’t looked particularly good either.

  24. They've got a killer backline (Paulo excluded) but their forwards are a bit thin. Old and not a lot of depth.

  25. Yeah still lots of good players but Keary in particular has obviously looked poor and I’d agree that forwards are a bit thin.

  26. Yep, if he's relying on a casual conversation and off the cuff comment, then he's got no hope.

  27. I’d be amazed if they withdrew it, they seem pretty willing to go all the way. Afaik they’ve already spent the 10k anyway so it’s basically a free option at this point unless I’m mistaken.

  28. At least it still looks like he has the best race pace this season if you’re an SVG fan. He’ll be fine. I reckon being a DJR fan would be the worst right now.

  29. The way it worked last time (2016, when Whincup tried to redress after punting Scotty Mac off the track, and then Scotty speared back onto the track and took out Tander who was trying to avoid crashing into Whincup), was Triple 8 paid a $10,000 fee to have their evidence heard by CAMS (now known as Motorsport Australia).

  30. That got waved away quickly because it turned out that it wasn’t able to be protested as an in race time penalty. This is an appeal to a DSQ so should be admissible.

  31. I feel like we’d have heard something about a penalty by now if they were investigating, eh?

  32. They haven’t even announced an investigation so its pretty safe to say that’s all she wrote in this regard.

  33. DJR have some serious soul searching to do after this weekend, pretty hopeless performance. Should be better at Albert Park tho.

  34. I think it’s 4 days for T8 to submit their evidence but not for the actual hearing to take place. If I had to guess I think that will come at Albert Park.

  35. I mean this is a bit ridiculous but it doesn’t surprise me that they’ve been DSQ’d for a technical breach of the rules. It’s unfortunate that there’s clearly enough confusion for them to appeal and it looks quite sad for the series to start this way.

  36. oh nice i assumed their doubles this summer would’ve done it, genuinely a bit surprised they were going at more than a 50 sr lmao

  37. Yeah the 335 was, but I guess the runs start flowing pretty freely for most scores of 200 at some point in the innings so i guess it makes some sense.

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