1. only discovered it a couple of months ago but I've gone back and listened to like 2 years worth of episodes haha!!

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  3. https://medium.com/@ibeendrakein/deepdive-justin-bieber-hailey-selena-timeline-2014-present-day-199c3f4630fb

  4. Maybe she was playing with the dog and stopped for 5 minutes? Idk. That's what I like to think because she seems like a genuine person. I don't want this for her.

  5. lmao yeah she could have been on her phone or even furiously masturbating or doing literally anything and put it away when she heard the door open haha 😭 the dimly lit cave line never fails to make me laugh though

  6. I misread it as Alligator Boots (the short-lived failed kids tv show where Kanye met Kim K) so you're in good company

  7. Dude, there’s no way Bad Bunny is better than The Weeknd, I started listening to him since 2016 and know every each song, all the credits go to Tainy (his producer), Benito doesn’t even know how to sing, or dance, he isn’t even a composer. There are maaaany artists that are way more talented than him (99% of the music industry) so that he is the most popular singer doesn’t make him the best.

  8. Petition to turn into an Adam Devine stan sub for a day 🥺

  9. Outlander. None of my friends have even heard of it and it breaks my heart. I love the show and I'm emotionally invested in the two leads.

  10. Literally this is the first time I've ever seen anyone talk about station eleven in the wild!! It wasn't the best show ever made but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I watched it with my partner who'd read the book and it sounded like there were a lot of changes between the two, but I thought it was a solid show and story that wrapped up really well. I don't know if it has a season 2 in it though. I definitely cried at the end (or a few times).

  11. he's done so many good things and is a fierce pro union supporter which is amazing

  12. Same, I remember the fluro Bonds bra saga of 2002. Also only an issue because of the poorly made see through white blouse we had to wear.

  13. Sadly your post is not gonna get any traction here. People going to rage because it’s Kanye and a Christian academy. The description says it’s tuition based but it’s my understanding, Including uniforms and supplies, are supplemented by Kanye’s partnership with Adidas. They are the primary Donor for the school.

  14. 100% agree with you, people are acting like it's some kind of Christian cult when it's funded by Adidas and is essentially going to be a pipeline for kids from highschool sports to college sports to national sports (hs basketball -> college basketball (Adidas sponsored colleges) -> to the NBA (with Adidas sponsorship)

  15. I had jaw surgery 6 years ago… and while everything is “okay” I never regained feeling in my lower jaw. Everything from my bottom lip down is numb. I’ve heard horror stories of people being in constant pain so I’m glad that didn’t happen to me but yeah definitely not without risk.

  16. I had jaw surgery about 14 years ago now for another condition and had some numbness for a lot of that time, but it's pretty much back now. So you never know, you might regain some more feeling in more time!

  17. That’s nice to hear, thank you!! I’ve made my peace with it for the most part but a little hope is always nice!!

  18. It's also weirdly a part of your body that the numbness doesn't really bother you that much (I thought it was so weird and annoying but if you let that get you don't actually need feeling in that area that much). I made peace with it too but by 10 years after surgery I definitely feel that it was fine and back and now at nearly 15 years I can't find a spot that is "numb". Maybe it's not as sensitive as it once was but it came back mostly, eventually. The human body is a freaky yet amazing thing!

  19. This is such a huge and intense accusation for a blind item that my lawyers (Kim Kardashian and Charlie Day) advised we add a note from the mods that this is via CDAN (crazy days and nights) and truly "alleged" with no proof, and we in no way endorse this rumour/gossip and it didn't originate here! Thanks you guys!

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