U.S. Supreme Court throws out rulings upholding gun restrictions

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If people can no longer afford families- the system is broken.

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  1. I was told I couldn’t join (the Air Force) because I have a tattoo that slightly showed while wearing a V neck. Literally no health problems at the time. If I wanted to badly enough I could’ve gotten it laser removed but it wasn’t worth the effort to me.

  2. I was ready to ship out for basic at 34 years old. I have a college degree, crushed that stupid test, am totally fine physically. I have visible tattoos and couldn't get whatever approval it was to get in. They'd rather take morons with no life experience over someone qualified to do more than just pull a trigger because 'yer saluting hand is offensive' or whatever dumb shit they told me. Their loss.

  3. If there are actually any of you left that thinks a company gives a shit or wouldn't function without you, here it is. They don't give a shit and this kid's death was just the cost of business. They saved more money not getting AC than they will potentially pay out for deaths.

  4. Just say ok then do whatever you want. They won't even care.

  5. because people are fine with being lied to and ignored.

  6. Because dudes in this thread simping 'happy wife happy wife' while a dudes hobby is being invaded for no reason and getting walked over by your SO is fine. Tell them no and do you. The wife is the offender.

  7. Yep. There's a Texas law waiting that will null the popular vote immediately in favor of just letting the electors choose.

  8. I thought this was always the case though. That the popular vote is just a suggestion to the electors. That they don't actually have to put in the popular vote, but they just did because precedent.

  9. These homes are built like shit and are massively overpriced regardless of what the market says. It's like they're made out of paper mache.

  10. Even the "luxury" homes aka mcmansions are built the same way, and they're charging crazy prices for them now because of the housing market. I'd love to see their profit margins.

  11. My buddy bought a McJunior mansion. Roof needed to be replaced in one year. I have spoken to a few new build owners and most of them are unhappy with the build quality. I go in to a bunch of them as well. They suck.

  12. Are we not allowed to swear with no one around?

  13. What is this image from your where is it from? What is it or who did the artwork?

  14. No, that's standard price in Brooklyn. Manhattan is more expensive but there are spots with cheap beers if you know where to look.

  15. I was in NYC the other day at Glady's and paid $7 or $8 for a beer and a shot. That would cost me $15 in Buffalo with the exception of few absolute dumps of local bars with no one under 50 years old.

  16. So I’m not imagining it’s super expensive to drink in WNY

  17. It's like any place or anything. You can find a place to spend whatever you want. There are fewer really cheap places. It's not that it's really expensive It's that the places where you pay more to drink here aren't worth the price of admission. It's overpriced here for no reason.

  18. It's beautiful. We should hunt the species to extinction while simultaneously destroy it's entire habitat.

  19. How is this even possible in rural routes? Some of my contractor routes are 45 miles before we get to our first stop, 2-5 minutes between each stop, houses quarter mile off the street, dirt roads, and no addresses on mailboxes. I could do 150 a day max, but I would be working 12 hour days at least. He thinks loading a van with 220 stops worth of packages in order takes 30 min? Shit takes well over an hour. How long do these pencil pushing fucks want us to work for? I've struggled to load 110 rural stop routes in a van. Huge Walmart boxes, farm equipment, car parts, animal feed, fuck outta here that shit wouldn't even fit in those vans and fuck the FedEx capacity bullshit metric. It isn't practical in actually working efficiently at all.

  20. Very concise analysis. Route I do covers a very large area and is a mix of residential and rural depending on where I am on the map. So, I know exactly what you are talking about. The residential area jacks up the stop count/package count and then the rural area devastates your stops per hour metric.

  21. I had one of the best routes today for this example. Over an hour there, then one hour and seven minutes to the warehouse. Stop count was less than 70. Started loading the van at 7:30 am and arrived back at the station at 4 pm. No gas fill, no breaks, only one pickup with no time restriction, perfect weather, van was more than half full with monstrous packages. Do the math. Since an increase in stop count doesn't mean they're actually closer, the route he wants isn't possible for my contractor. The dude that usually has the route says you do around 12 stops per hour.

  22. I like how where the hair is supposed to be, there's bones.

  23. Texas does the same shit, even though cities like Houston and Dallas are large and very diverse. It doesn't matter to the powers that control those states. If they drive them out of the state, even better. They're fine with that.

  24. People don't understand how diverse states can be. I live in New York and a 30 min ride out of one of our major cities, you'd think you were in a red state bible belt. Pro gun shit everywhere, target practice range on doors, back the blue on everything, religious iconography, rebel flags, Trump or DeSantis 2024 flags, shoot to kill signs, you name it it's all there. I see some Trump stickers on cars in the city, but almost none of this other stuff.

  25. That's quite the song, and thank you for including the link as it saved me a lot of time from trying to get the title right, but that's not it sadly

  26. Is it slower than that? Your recordings are slower but I thought maybe the effect on the guitar might've made it seem faster than it is.

  27. They use up your life force, almost never give raises, offer next to zero career growth in the DSP system, fire you or force you to quit, then hire the next battery. I worked as a driver and it's abuse and they should be sued, DSP and warehouse made into unions, and the driver pay increased at least $10 an hour. It was brutal over the year I worked there.

  28. I get that the working conditions are horrible, but them actively trying to get workers to quit means they have the goal of their people quitting. Which is something I'm having a hard time to comprehend (Why not just fire them if you don't want them to work for you?). They would instead want to have workers who do not quit despite these working conditions, no?

  29. If you fire them they get workers comp and your premium would increase. If they quit, then they get nothing.

  30. I'll run for president. I'm younger than 40. Vote for me.

  31. Give us universal healthcare, free education, social programs to better people, and great pay + time away from work to care for the kid and MAYBE well consider having children.

  32. I feel like I still know exactly what he looks like and could pick him out of a crowd with the filter.

  33. Same, I have 12-15 pups, three are bulks that regularly give me 20-50 pieces… one, on Mondays and Tuesdays, is 1200-1500 pieces. We have to send three drivers to it.

  34. We should get bonuses for pickups. They get paid more for those and they are a ton of work to do. One stop at the end of my route at 4 has 80-180 huge ass boxes. I just busted my ass all day, I'm not trying reload the entire van again. If I get done early, I've waited 3 hours for this pickup. I get paid by the day and I lose money (time) when I have to do this pickup. Pay us more for these. If you had to advertise this job point by point on CL, you'd have to give someone $400 a day at least to do all the shit we do.

  35. this is one of those things I started doing as part of wake up/bedtime routine now that I’m mid-30’s. I started noticing that some men look way older or younger than their true age. Facial skin quality can deceive. A lot of that can be controlled by caring for your face with a few things like this.

  36. I believe in taking care of myself with a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine. In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now. After I remove the ice pack, I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower, I use a water activated gel cleanser. Then a honey almond body scrub. And on the face, an exfoliating gel scrub. Then apply an herb mint facial mask, which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an aftershave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

  37. One of our customers threatened to "put a bullet in the va" the next time someone drives in his yard (rural route, rural customer). Guess who isn't getting delivered to anymore.

  38. I've delivered to almost any area you can imagine and I think the worst customers are rural. Not talking about the dangerous neighborhoods of ghettos, but actual customers. They're mostly assholes, deluded, paranoid, racists. Target practice sheets, security cameras everywhere, don't tread on me, warning dog signs. If you moved away from the city to a safe farm community, then why do you have this crap all over your lawn. The 'gubment' doesn't give two shits about your dumpy ass trailer nor are thieves (your neighbors) planning on breaking into said shitty ass trailer, to steal your chewy order or steak box. They've pulled guns on black coworkers and are overall fuck heads.

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