1. if you don't have someone with a license to go with you can you still take the test?

  2. Yes. But you have to arrange it through a driving school.

  3. That is a very special winner. Congratulations.

  4. Is SNY going to show the ceremony? If so does anyone know what time?

  5. I met him once at the Chabad of Hamptons once. Good guy.

  6. You sell the rights to someone, who will then get paid. Basically, you get a huge amount of money now and never get any streaming, sales, radio, etc money for your songs ever again. The new rights holder gets all that future money.

  7. He's been doing it for like 10 years as a capstone of a long and productive career or writing, recording, and touring. It's not that he's unwilling, but at a certain point, when is it enough money?

  8. I don’t mean it is a criticism, I literally can’t imagine it ever getting old.

  9. AirBnB can kick rocks. If I catch you using it in my building, you're going to have a bad time. I work way too hard to have to deal with randoms in my building. Nope Nope Nope.

  10. Hard agree. I didn’t put down my life savings to watch it be turned into a youth hostel.

  11. Brave Robot is no bueno for those of us with dairy allergies.

  12. I do not doubt you, but as someone who's lactose intolerant and might have an allergy, would you be willing to explain?

  13. This product is dairy. Basically it’s cow milk that is cultured in a lab. No cows harmed. But from a chemistry standpoint, it’s the same thing as ice cream made from cows. So if you can’t eat dairy ice cream, you can’t eat Brave Robot.

  14. You can't just show me a kangaroo and then tell me he's dead WTF

  15. It’s a cautionary tale about the dangers of steroid use in kangaroo bodybuilding.

  16. I mean a band always does need to know which album is unquestionably their worst. So this would at least tick that box.

  17. Is that the place where they drove around the city in a station wagon decorated with Halloween/ghost/monster type stuff?

  18. “He faces up to 30 years in prison when he is sentenced on Nov. 8. He could also be forced to pay up to $3.2 million in restitution and a fine of up to $1.25 million.”

  19. I feel no shame in picking no tip for virtually every tip screen I encounter. I tip for food delivered to my home, for waiting on me in a restaurant, or services rendered like at a barbershop. Other than that, you probably haven't done enough to earn a tip from me, and it's laughable to expect one.

  20. This is a slow grind. You are your age, and you find tipping normal for food delivery, etc. Today’s 6 year olds will never know a world where buying a candy bar had different tipping expectations than food delivery.

  21. Yes. Roslyn has a significant Jewish population in the community and public schools. Probably one of the most Jewish in all of Long Island. No way there would be even a hint of feeling like an outsider.

  22. Chipper was more of a frenemy to me (contrast to a guy like rocker), utley is just pond scum.

  23. Chipper Jones named his son Shea in honor of the Mets.

  24. I looked into the finance box to check my status. And it says no Mexico.

  25. Villas starting at $40,000. Custom experiences available….

  26. Plot twist: Bring 4,000 friends and pay 10 bucks each.

  27. For the same reason that people are surprised that we are starting to see whales and dolphins in the Hudson River. It hasn’t been typical for the past 50 or so years.

  28. Are you in North Hempstead, Hempstead, or one of the villages?

  29. Definitely need to get a permit and follow the rules.

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