As a 56 year old lady who has never played video games, which one would be good to start with?

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  1. Doing a Nidoking run in Pokemon Blue right now on my RP3. Probably gonna play Breath of Fire 3 after that.

  2. By far my favorite Stargate show and the reason I got rid of cable and have since boycotted SyFy. Between Being Human and SGU, SyFy can fork right off.

  3. I honestly really like the clear blue, but I don't trust the multi-color buttons. My RP2+ is the euro SNES style and I regret the buttons as they are painted and scrape against the sides when pressed. I replaced with black buttons like Russ from retrogamecorp did, but feels worse now, like the buttons barely press down, and the dpad is registering only diagonals.

  4. I’d wholeheartedly recommend final fantasy tactics advance and breath of fire 3/4.

  5. I tried so hard to get through the original narrations on Audible, but it was just, sooooo, dry. I mean, LotR is a dry series, but Andy Serkis makes it come to life. It's not just his Gollum, it's his genuine talent for portraying emotion.

  6. I personally have a 351v and a miyoo mini v2. While the 351v is fantastic, I keep using the mini almost every time. The screen on the mini is just so damn pleasant to look at.

  7. Like everyone else here, I’m gonna recommend stardew valley. It’s such an amazing game. I whole heartedly think the switch is the console for you. The new Kirby game is great, and you can’t go wrong with Mario Odyssey.

  8. FJB or let’s go Brandon stickers on the back of their jacked up white Dodge Ram. Bonus points for “it’s my heritage” license plate frame.

  9. Yes, you need to setup DaaS. There are a zillion ways of doing this, so you'll have to specify more details.

  10. If it's a serious job, always use serious server hardware, don't slap it on some crappy PC. I use high quality refurbished servers myself, this can give you a nice (new in box) server machine for about half the price of the latest and greatest hardware. Recently I've deployed Dell R640 Second Gen Intel Scalable Processor Xeon machines at a client. Also get an automated backup system in place so you have backups. I use a Synology NAS with Active Backup for Business and Hyper Backup for this myself, but there are many good solutions (Veeam, BackBlaze, etc). Make sure you set this up in a HIPAA compliant way.

  11. Geez… ok. Looks like I have a lot of learning to do. I seriously appreciate you sharing your expertise with me, and leading me in the direction I need to go. I have access to a local server and network hardware reseller, so I’ll see what I can scrounge up there so I can learn and get a feel before I get anywhere near implementing something for professional use.

  12. I tried about 10 games on canary today, and all were significant improvements. DK Country Returns finally runs at full speed! Everything runs no problem at 10x res (3700x/6700xt.)

  13. I’m glad you touched on the face stickers have a noticeable edge… it’s something I was concerned about. I will definitely be getting some buttons and foil stickers though! Thanks, Russ!

  14. Ordered one, thanks OP. We’ll see how this plays out in August.

  15. Nice crocheting, but bad choice for the Mini. Zero protection. I'm sure there are better uses for it.

  16. It lives on my nightstand. It protects the miyoo perfectly fine for my use case. If I travel, I take my rp2+ or 351v in a pelican.

  17. My mother crocheted a caterpillar for me to give to my child as she knew we were trying, that was about a year and a half ago while she had cancer. She died 3 months before she knew she was going to have her first granddaughter from myself. I can't describe how much that caterpillar means to me. You never know what will happen in life and you should cherish every little thing someone does for you.

  18. I once heard my old supervisor say “give ‘em flowers while they’re alive” referring to her own mother who had passed. Kinda changed my perspective on things after that.

  19. I just wrote my first check today to join my local chamber of commerce... I'm 35.

  20. This is very specifically why I have the fancy barrel-shaped d4s.

  21. Junk mail. Think of all the "You're pre qualified for a credit card!" mail people get and how much of that goes straight in the trash

  22. The only advantages of junk mail are that it keeps the price of postage down, and keeps post office workers employed.

  23. Came to say this as well. I’d also suggest blowing the connection ports with some compressed air.

  24. Sorry they are now marrows, not zucchini. It happens if you leave them more than 5 minutes. Not fond of them stuffed or not, too much mushy stuff inside.

  25. I had heard of marrows from British cooking shows, never realized it was just a zucchini left on longer. After some research, I’d have to completely agree that these are indeed marrows.

  26. Huh, I'll have to try that... I've grated storeboughten zucchinis into burger patties before, just on the box grater, which works great, but, I just assumed with the whales there had to be some secret to the shredding process. Been some time since I've seen a big one, but, back when I was a kid my mom threw them out if they'd got forgotten, said they were too stringy to be edible. The more you know!

  27. I picked 66 jalapeños from two plants today and I had 4 or 5 of these kind.

  28. I've grown Jalapenos for years and have never experienced this... and all from one plant. All of my other jalapenos are typical. Have you experienced that in prior years? Perhaps during a heat wave or drought?

  29. Does it taste like one? I've got one of my jalepenos this year that is putting off some more rounded ones for it's first batch. But not nearly this round.

  30. Yeah, tastes identical, with identical heat. Just strange that every pepper on this plant is giving me these. Any known reason for this?

  31. Russ, have you considered trying Vidalia onions? I mean... I don't know if you get them in Hawaii, but still- I hate onions but love Vidalias.

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