1. $300 for just the turntable and another $300 for speakers or $300 for the turntable and speakers? You don't already have any speakers you can use with the turntable?

  2. thank you for the reply! We currently don't have anything. So I'm on the hunt for a turntable, speakers, amp, and etc. Would I be able to keep the same budget? I reside in NYC! I want to look at craigslist but am still lost on what brands/products to look for and pricing. I've looked around on fb marketplace as well. Would love to purchase used rather than new

  3. the guys at the party I went to last night kept trying to peer pressure me into drinking even though I repeatedly told them I’m an extreme light weight and just generally have more fun when I’m sober. A group of girls came over to defend me which reminded me why I love women

  4. George Bush was president when I was in first grade and the only other president I knew was George Washington, so I thought your name had to be George in order to become president

  5. Can someone recommend me some affordable masks for oily acne prone skin? The only ones I’m using are My Beauty Diary’s Black Pearl masks and I’m getting a little bored. I’ve been really busy with life and haven’t updated anything in my routine for two years. Really looking to add new products in.

  6. I’m currently using Cosrx’s BHA liquid which is keeping break outs under control. The new goal is to fade my extremely stubborn acne scars. I’ve heard that AHA can help with that but how would I go about incorporating into my routine along with the BHA? I’m currently using BHA twice a week and don’t want to over exfoliate or damage my skin.

  7. I think I’ll try swapping in AHA on days I do BHA instead. Thanks a lot!

  8. same!!! This was the first yuri manga I read and it made me feel and questions a lot of things

  9. I recently got Ordinary’s hyaluronic acid. Is it safe to use in a daily routine?

  10. My aunt recently asked me for some product recommendations but we have completely different skin types so I have no idea on what to recommend. I'm 22 with oily acne prone skin, and she's in her late 40's with dry and aging skin. She doesn't really have a routine, and her main concerns are her dark/age spots and wrinkles. Can anyone help out?

  11. 22 . I only came to terms with my sexuality early this year and really want to finally start dating women but I’m way too busy with school

  12. There are a ton of wlw artists. For example, LP, St. Vincent, Beatrice Eli, The Internet, the list goes on. you just gotta look harder

  13. I have a classmate who would say “I have a date with a girlfriend” when she’s meeting with a female friend after class. She’s in a long term relationship with a guy

  14. I just went through the same situation this week. I felt bad about it at first too but think of it this way. What else could you have done? date him even though you’re gay?

  15. I visited Vermont with some pals two weeks ago and was bombarded with love! The church near where we stayed had a rainbow banner out front saying God loves everyone, a few restaurants had rainbow flags flying, and next to a cute little ice cream shop was a sign that read "Hate does not grow well in the rocky soil of Vermont". The people there are also incredibly kind! I love Vermont!

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