1. I posted about the W of having sex for the first time in awhile and having no endometriosis pain (great) but he ghosted me lol (bad). Its for the best bc he gave me non answers on what he wanted.

  2. I like my Supergas and Birdies sneakers. I also have seen Rothy’s has some that look cute

  3. Someone please explain to what he means? I get the drama he’s referring to….but what is he going for here? Is it shady?

  4. Is there an estimate for how much longer she’ll play? Trying to fight it but I’m falling asleep fast

  5. It’s totally different than what I was expecting for this era. I love that it’s unexpected though!

  6. How do I go about finding/accessing a stream? Would love to watch since I couldn’t get tickets

  7. Can someone tell me what the style of Dua’s bralette/top is? I need one 😍

  8. How was Becca on a golf cart on the actual course with runners when Thomas ran his marathon? Is that an extremely random influencer privilege?!

  9. Is this seriously the full list of the most recent Bachelors?! The bar is in hell

  10. You guys. I’m finally doing it. After 2 years of being disgustingly single (and 2 failed situationships I like to pretend never happened), I’m finally re-downloading dating apps. I’m scared of how much the dating pool has seemingly changed. Wish me luck, I’ll probably definitely need it 😂

  11. If they ever break up (I hope they do not) he can just make this collage all his dating profile pictures. He’ll be swimming in matches

  12. I’ve DM’ed him in the past bc I’ve been curious about how he is a pro level chef and apparently he has a catering business! He also seems very kind based on our interactions. I’m glad these two ridiculously hot foodies found each other!

  13. How on earth does he have a catering business too?! I thought he did full time marketing at a company

  14. You’re missing the bad one! That gray blazer over the red or orange dress with black riding boots. I know she had to put something over the dress because it didn’t fit but that outfit was not the right solution 😫

  15. Comment a screenshot! I can’t find it

  16. I don’t have one! If she didn’t post the look she must’ve known it was a mess 🙊

  17. I use a fidget cube during virtual meetings, and I take lots of notes.

  18. I keep noticing the Series 8 GPS is sold out on Amazon. Any way to follow when it will come back in stock?

  19. That last pic turned me off. Idk why seeing men’s feet turns me off lol

  20. “And at that time I needed people in my life, and I circled the wagons with people that could be unconditionally loving and caring. And you weren’t equipped to do that because of where you were in all this.“

  21. He’s such a clown 🤡 trying to come up with excuses for why him ghosting her wasn’t actually ghosting her. ”You see, it was a Tuesday, and I just ate a salad, and Venus was in retrograde, and my toe hurt, and she didn’t say the secret passcode, and she made a typo, so no it wasn’t ghosting her ITS HER FAULT ANYWAY” 🤡🤡🤡

  22. Did anyone notice chris bleeped Rachel’s name when Kaitlyn mentioned she’s friends with her? 1:00:16 time stamp

  23. Any podcast/audiobook recommendations? Anything except true crime or romance. I’m burnt out on everything I’ve been listening to. Would love something motivational or uplifting or funny.

  24. I really like Neil DeGrasse Tyson‘s podcast, he has different scientists on to talk about current events & topics and it’s very interesting & entertaining! LeVar Burton also has a podcast where he reads short stories and it’s really good too!

  25. Haven’t listened to either. I’ll try them both, thanks! Any episodes that are your favorite?

  26. Says she was on all fours in the “no camera zone” crying so that her tears didn't mess up her makeup. 

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