As Ohio restricts abortions, 10-year-old girl travels to Indiana for procedure

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  1. Gregor (seriously). It seems like people are constantly asserting that anyone with a few brain cells to rub together would be able to outsmart and defeat him. In reality, as Tyrion notes in his battle with Oberyn, he is faster than he looks and has "warrior's instincts." If this was the real world his superior strength and size alone would be enough to bulldoze pretty much everyone.

  2. Oberyn made the classic mistake, getting greedy when the boss had 1 HP left.

  3. The thing is, Republicans are not being sincere when they say abortion rights should be decided locally. If they can't win at the state level, they will simply turn to national 'solutions' like a fetal personhood amendment.

  4. I don't think "Republican's are liars who are secretly planning to somehow pass a fetal personhood amendment," is a winning argument if voters in deep red states are voting to keep abortion legal.

  5. Do you really think Republicans will abide by that vote? I'd bet anything that they'll try to circumvent it and place as many restrictions on abortion as possible, regardless of the will of the people.

  6. Abortion bans with no exceptions for rape and incest are even more unpopular, especially among women, and that's also on the books in several states so...

  7. Not considerably less, no. About half of women have historically considered themselves pro-life (that's as of 2021). New polls show a strong shift away from that, but it's hardly been a male vs. female thing for the past 50 years.

  8. 33% of women being pro-life vs 47% of men seems like 'considerably less' to me. Real world events causing latent opinions to crystallize is not a new thing.

  9. The Idaho GOP has already indicated they are looking into banning Plan B and IUDs.

  10. And even then the 10 year old one is hard because it’s consistent with the pro life stance even if we all agree it’s kind of awful and the whole situation sucks

  11. How does being 'consistent' make it less extremist? Extremists are usually the most consistent.

  12. PP literally never talks about social conservatives values, the socons dont even like him. Freedom isn't fringe and if you lived outside an echo chamber its actually very popular.

  13. If you think the convoy was at all popular, it's you who's living in an echo chamber. The

  14. So now that the ugly truth is out, I guess Republicans are resorting to lying about what trigger laws actually do? Abortion is banned past 6 weeks in Ohio. No exceptions for rape or incest.

  15. That's not true. There are exceptions in Ohio for rape.

  16. Every rape victim forced to birth her rapist's child, is one too many that could very well have been prevented if Republicans didn't live in the Stone Age.

  17. Honestly, at least in my opinion, direct democracy is a horrible idea that will only lead to majority groups ruling over minority groups without them having any say in the matter.

  18. The state legislature can still be entirely controlled in terms of other laws and bodies and the constitution. Likewise, they can be voted out. So the solution there is a state based challenge which this doesn’t touch.

  19. I mean, which red states? Because so far, Florida and Arizona haven't, to the best of my knowledge. If the red states that are doing that are states like Texas and Missouri, then I don't think it really matters that much, because they're locks for the GOP anyway. I think the GOP has been somewhat cautious in more purplish states. I also think that the Democrats have moved their position so far out of the mainstream on abortion that it's easy for a Republican-leaning voter who cares about abortion rights and might otherwise vote Democratic to send the Republicans a message decide that the Democrats are equally-extreme on abortion rights, and stay with the GOP.

  20. I mean, the GOP candidate for governor in Pennsylvania isn't really isn't currently vocal about running on a pro life agenda, despite having a history of being a pretty hardcore pro lifer. Wisconsin and Michigan haven't had their primary yet.

  21. Mastriano is on the record as wanting to ban abortion even if there's a threat to the mother's life, and just a few days ago the Pennsylvania GOP voted for a constitutional amendment banning abortion in the state. All of the Wisconsin and Michigan GOP nominees have said they favour banning all abortion even in the case of rape or incest. There is no moderation on abortion in purple states, read more before you state things definitively.

  22. GRRM never wanted to be a book writer, he wanted to be a TV show writer. And now that he is one, he's done with books.

  23. Unlike Griffith, they have no power to force the Apostles to behave. Hoping this is something Miura told Mori about.

  24. Also, I don't think he's gone for months, he probably just teleported using branches. More like for a night.

  25. Yeah, but because of the time distortion on Elfhelm, even a few minutes on the island translates to months off the island. That's why the Elfhelm residents perceived Puck as being gone for only a short while, when in reality he was gone for years.

  26. So it seems like Sonia isn't there, which begs the questions - how did Zodd find Elfhelm without her? Only Griffith and her can navigate the world tree. Unless she appears in the next episode, it seems like a plot hole.

  27. the answer is that the bandits currently plundering the Berserk IP did not do the research to faithfully continue Miura's work, and thus, have produced a plot hole. The first of many, no doubt.

  28. I guess you could sort of justify it because Moonlight Boy can also navigate the world tree, and Zodd was shown following him in the past. Still pretty contrary to the lore that was established just a few chapters ago, though.

  29. In special cases like this, I'm for it. A 10 year old can't raise a child and their body isn't really suited for carrying to full term without potential complications. But the abuse/rape penalties need to be increased. A slap on the wrist and several years in prison isn't enough, which is why people keep doing it. Pedophilia laws are obviously not enough of a deterrent, either. Hence why there are so many internet pervs, why child abuse still runs rampant, etc.

  30. Tell me which part of my comment was wrong. Because as far as I'm aware, Republicans are all in favour of forced birth for 10 year olds.

  31. Well, here's another YouGov poll (taken right after the decision) that shows women were against overturning Roe 67%-33%, while men were split, 51%-49%. A 32 point gap. And here's

  32. in your poll there is 4-point gap among Democratic identifiers/leaners (93% women and 89% men),

  33. Women and men don't get randomly sorted into Democratic and Republican groups, though, so you can't 'control by partisanship.' The causality likely runs the other way, in fact - women support Democrats more because they are more pro-women's rights.

  34. According to the new Texas law coming into place on July 24, life begins at the moment of conception. Murder of children under 10 is a capital crime in Texas. If the law was applied totally consistently, abortion (getting one or providing one) would therefore be punishable by execution.

  35. There will be an attempt. It will likely not succeed.

  36. How can it possibly remain a state issue when in some states abortion is now a felony punishable by life in prison, while in others it is a constitutionally protected right? It can remain a state issue as much as slavery could remain a state issue, which is to say not at all.

  37. 99.87% of abortions are elective for no given reason.

  38. The whole point of the system is to prevent drastic changes from occurring every 4 years when the presidency, congress, and senate change hands. Otherwise you just have a back and forth of undoing everything the previous administration did and have a seesaw of extreme change in policy.

  39. You're commenting in a thread about the Supreme Court drastically changing a 50-year old precedent ... and decrying 'seesaws of extreme changes in policy' at the same time? Every conservative argument is so disingenuous lol.

  40. It is inherently better though in a massive country such as the United States. Otherwise you just get a tyranny of the majority and extreme swings in policy from administration to administration. Different regions throughout the country hold different values and ideologies, i.e California and New York are different ideologically from a Montana or Tennessee. Do you think its okay to impose ideologies from California onto Iowa or impose ideologies from Alabama onto Massachusetts?

  41. Do you think tyranny of the minority is better? Why should Iowa and Alabama impose their ideology on California and Massachusetts? They don't even have the power of numbers on their side.

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