1. Hello Hello! First thanks so much for reading and the wonderful review ! Means quite a bit to me, especially as we close in on launch in two weeks.

  2. Oh wow, might have to pick this back up. I originally read all 3 self published versions, but if you’re adding that much per book, sounds like it’s worth re-reading

  3. This is getting re-released? Pretty sure I read all 3 of these already. Any significant changes?

  4. Good thing to use FordPass points on probably

  5. You would if you played in it almost every week.

  6. Speak for yourself, noon games are the best IMO

  7. For real, after getting married to a wife who wants to do other things on fall Saturdays besides dedicating every single one of them for 3 months straight to watching football, I never want anything other than a noon game. I'm actually jealous of my west coast friends who get to watch the games at 9am lol

  8. I fucking loved it when I moved back to CA for a few years lol. 9am kickoffs were amazing lol. Now I’m in TX and it’s 11am. Still pretty decent

  9. I understand what Bron is saying.

  10. Yep, it's basically that line from Good Will Hunting. There's only a handful of people in the world that can tell the difference between you and me. But I'm one of them.. Most days I wish I never met you.

  11. Fair, you're diving a bit too deep into the analogy though lol.

  12. “The kids are shooting boxes in comp” meanwhile it’s Gent who has some of the most comp experience in Apex and shooting boxes has always been a thing. Meanwhile lan has been personal and disrespectful in their trash talk lol the irony

  13. For Alb? What about this entire sub bias against controller?

  14. This entire sub skews NA which has a huge console presence that the majority of the rest of the world doesn’t have. It’s no shock that NA has the largest controller representation, and that’s still just a slight majority at 55%. Idk what’s so hard for people to understand this.

  15. Lmfao fuck the Lakers. Still can’t win even with a favorable whistle all night

  16. It's only a matter of time before Ja actually does hurt somebody badly - you go around flashing a gun and constantly threatening people and eventually something bad will happen.

  17. Damn really? I'd sue the fuck out of a rich person if I got assaulted like that lol.

  18. Glyphosate is round up. It will kill the grass if you're spraying when its green. Usually stay away. 2,4D is a common broadleaf weed control product. something like trimec or speedzone are good. Certainty, Celsius, or Dismiss along with plenty others are good options for grassy and broadleaf combo products. First try to ID the weed and figure out what you need. Read and follow the directions.

  19. Got it, so when should I do pre-em and seed then? A week separate or something? Just did some googling, and it looks like I've got a combination of spotted surge, nutsedge, and maybe bluegrass/crabgrass. I've noticed some spots in my backyard where the grass looks more vibrant/green than the surrounding area.

  20. pre-em last for months depending on what you used and how much you applied. If you plan to seed don't use any. You really shouldn't need to seed bermuda. If it's getting adequate conditions it'll come back and fill in. It can't handle shade and needs a lot of nitrogen..... Same as the weeds. Figure out why it's not doing well and address the issue. Fertilize, mow, water, and give it time.

  21. I just used the Scott's one from HD I think. I just read a bit about grub worms and I'm thinking I may have some of those since I noticed a few randomly dead patches recently.

  22. Man I hope this nuggets team wins the whole thing. Them or the Heat pls

  23. Ay new season for The Bear. That show was so good

  24. Fuck me man. I haven't played an MK game since MK 2011, but I played all the main games in the 2000s like DA, Deception, Shaolin Monks, Armageddon... If I never played MK X or MK11, should I try and pick those up before getting this? So lost on the story now.

  25. Is a lottery protected pick just top 4 since that’s what the lottery is drawn for? Or is it the top 14?

  26. Top 14, means you're eligible for the lottery

  27. Thought so, yeah those Charlotte picks aren’t gonna convey lmao

  28. Lakers tanked to get the young core which they turned into AD

  29. The teacup line is to mark Suriel rewinding time and fixing fate after Li Markuth fucked shit up. Eithan noticed that and briefly sensed something towards the pyramid, that's why he sets out and eventually finds Lindon/Yerin.

  30. When do Amazon digital preorder codes go out?

  31. I have this color for my '23 CR1 and love it. Get a lot of compliments on it.

  32. I'm down to play rn, haven't done any provisional games yet though. jmondrag#9288 M29 NA

  33. I got the Ford front covers, and I’m returning them - They do NOT fit GT seats (this is not called out on the website), are NOT for use with heated seats (my bad missing that when I ordered them), and I wasn’t happy with the aesthetic. The material reminds me of what they make Halloween costumes out of.

  34. I've got a CR1 and was considering getting both the front/rear covers

  35. I’m assuming they are compliant to airbags since Ford is manufacturing them, but do not know for a fact. There was a large “No Heated Seats” tag on them. Not sure if they are worried about the heat disfiguring the cover or if you’d run the risk of burning out the seat heater because of the extra insulation around them 🤷‍♂️

  36. Maybe I'll just get the rear seat covers for now I guess

  37. Remote start doesn’t allow you to set the cabin temp.

  38. You can have it default to the most recent cabin settings though. Best we got right now

  39. Oh nice, that's encouraging. I assume it's similar where if you have the previous book you have early access to preorder the next?

  40. Nice haha. I'll likely keep going with Sub Press for now and still try and grab the ones from Broken Binding

  41. Not really. It bounces all over lane and beeps nonstop if u dont have hands on wheel. Adaptive cruise is good enough if ur on a fairly straight highway and little traffic at consistent speed. Still beeps at u to touch wheel which can get annoying (after being spoiled with bluecruise) But bluecruise really shines in stop and go traffic

  42. What's the difference between bluecruise and adaptive cruise control? I thought they were the same thing. I checked and I have bluecruise trial for 3 years through 2026 but I'll get prompted to keep my hands on the wheel sometimes when I'm using adaptive cruise control. Am I doing something wrong?

  43. Bluecruise activates automatically when u have adaptive cruise on while driving on a major highway that ford has mapped out. It doesn’t work on basic city streets. A very obvious display change will alert u saying “hands-free” Also make sure lane centering is turned on in settings, i that is required for bluecruise as well

  44. Oh ok so maybe I have been using it without knowing then because I've used the lane change feature before. It sounds like I should be able to go completely hands free with bluecruise though right? Why do I periodically get alerts to keep hands on the wheel?

  45. Damn, that's some nice luck! Feeling a bit of buyers remorse over our CR1 now as well. Def should've bit the bullet and got the premium eAWD. The CR1 was a couple thousand cheaper which is why we eventually went with it, kind of sucks that they are so similar in price now with the recent cuts. Ah well, still liking our CR1 that we got back in Jan. At least we were able to get the $6k back in cash/rewards points from Ford and qualify for the full $7500 tax rebate when we file next year. Makes it sting just a little less lol.

  46. i like the take that kylar is playing a long game here, but i wonder how much is fake due to the eye witness accoutns

  47. That's the problem with the unreliable narrator trope. You can essentially retcon everything that we just read. It's a stupid trope and I hate that it was used. By far Weeks' worst book IMO. How Nemesis is viewed will depend heavily on the sequels.

  48. But all through the book it's spelled Kylar, that is a different sound than Kyler.

  49. I think you're wrong. In the scene quoted, Durzo says the name "Kylar". Count Drake then asks the spelling, based on what Durzo just said, as "Kyler" or "Kiler". Thus, we can assume that the way Durzo pronounced "Kylar" to be Kai-ler.

  50. It was a great game and TCU deserved to win that day based on performance, but TCU absolutely benefitted from some absolute tomfoolery from Michigan to get the win.

  51. Reasonable TCU flair take. 100% big ups to you guys for actually winning the game. You deserved it and beat us fair and square. However, a shit ton of stuff went your way and it was still a 1 score game and we had a chance to win it. Uncharacteristic game from us and I think we got caught looking ahead. I think we win that game probably 7/10 times but you guys caught us for sure.

  52. And that's why college football is so great! Like, yeah, sometimes the objectively-better-on-paper team gets caught with their pants down and the upset happens.

  53. I think that's more so just football in general. It's not really a sport that is conducive to a format like the other major sports in a best of 7 series haha. Sometimes you can catch a team on the wrong day or you get hot/peak at the right time. It is what it is.

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