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  1. I would vote for my father. I will give anything for 5 more minutes with him.

  2. I tried the Limoncello a while ago, but the Dark Espresso Roast sounds promising!

  3. Cookie Monster. It takes real self control not to buy it every time I’m within a 10 mile radius of that place.

  4. I feel you. I'm stressed af at grad school and I need that stuff to break the work cycle :D

  5. Parents as teachers meets at the Kennedy school building. I think you can find out who to contact by googling the group. And then the library is starting in-person storytimes (and other child-oriented activities) again in June. You can find the days and times in the new Reader Magazine pdf on the library's website

  6. Prairie park nature center has animals to look at and a very unusual play structure (it’s a “rock”).

  7. I graduated from highschool with 2.13 GPA. I went to PAAET where I graduated 3.74 GPA with an accounting degree, then transferred to Kuwait University and graduated 3.64 GPA with an econ degree. 8 years later (now) I'm doing a graduate degree in Economics at the University of Kansas.

  8. Cheap coffee and donuts at Munchers; Open 24/7. I go there every night to study and code.

  9. I never could've climbed the fence. So proud of this little warrior 😂

  10. The Merc does cooking classes, but they are just one-off things. I’ve been to a few and always left learning at least one new thing.

  11. First, you should make sure you go to a government licensed insurance company or a certified insurance broker you trust.

  12. Ahem they are called rock chalk boards at KU

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