Video: Tom Delonge post from Instagram: Texas sighting

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  1. I agree, there is way too much negativity on this sub now.

  2. Boil it in a pot of acetone. Make an extract and stuff it under the eyelids.

  3. The butt is what makes it look weird.. like it's a body suit.. it doesn't really move or clench like butts do when walking.

  4. I found it to be the opposite. The way the upper leg moves like it has its own weight and movement and not a suit

  5. Simple fucking mods delete my insanely strange document post with hundred of up votes, while I was finally getting help looking into the back story, because it wasn't highly strange enough and UFO related enough like THESE GODDAMN PECANS. Fucking internet mods are lowest form of life.

  6. Ya, I'm getting sick of it. I got a warning for using a hyphen instead of a coma. It ain't right.

  7. Probably what ChatGTP will look like in a few months 😂

  8. Woke up sober and good. Went out for a morning drive in the city and hardly a vehicle in the road.. felt like I had the whole city to myself. Very clear minded

  9. It reminds me of a cell or an atom. A mysterious center surrounded by a chaotic noise of particles.

  10. This looks just amazing with the color combinations and the background it really gives of a nice vibe

  11. The paste would also work well packed under the eyelids. Upper and lower.

  12. any idea what is the best amount of vitamin c to take with it in mg?

  13. Vitamim C increases absorption, very interesting. Anyone have an idea why?

  14. I have Oriveda Turkey tail and they suggest to take it alongside a vitamin C supplement.

  15. Really cool! Any idea what tools were used to create this?

  16. Wow, this is amazing. Weird how this is 1 month old, and didn't get much recognition on

  17. Thanks for noticing, ya I have had posts down voted often to zero in the blender community followed by being Upvoted to 1000-5000 in other subs. I think that

  18. Yeah, i mean, I'm going through the works in your posts, and some of them are absolutely next level. I love how you make every scene pop with the beautiful color contrast, and the composition. Do you have an insta account or somewhere else where i can follow your work?

  19. What about the grey a few weeks ago at my bedside asking me what the pods were for under the kitchen sink?

  20. Did you kill a grey with a tide pod….be honest, you’re not in trouble

  21. Hahaha 😂 No not so much. The dream or event was stressful. Probably not the best idea to approach humans for contact in their bedrooms at 2:00am. I remember communicating through a universal knowing instead of language. This message transmitted from myself to the grey automatically that said it was in violation of some law. Like I had a pre programmed defense alert system in myself.

  22. Unless you only eat 0.5 - 1g. Even that can kick your ass sometimes but usually it's just like being wired of coffee. Everyone is different though.

  23. For sure. I took .5 Pe the other day and I fell through my car seat and hit the ground below. Wtf.

  24. You see that's why you boof them. You get the bitch part out of the way up front.

  25. Same here, the ones I seen in 2013 were more angular. Interesting to seem them again. I took video of them with my cell phone and woke up in the middle of the night and deleted the video completely off my phone. I went back to business as usual and forgot all about the event until months later. And that weirded me out.

  26. Sobriety stabilized and the honey moon phase has worn off. I have become susceptible to relapse from lack of adventure and the extended weeks of boredom. It's like I escaped the cage at the zoo only to find that I'm the only one on the outside. I am at the 4 months and 11 day mark today. I will continue on to the 6 month mark and then reassess the situation.

  27. I'm sincerely asking: lack of drink really makes life boring for you? What would you be doing if you were drinking (besides drinking)? Dancing? Singing? Telling jokes? How about doing those things anyway without drinking? 🤔

  28. Easier said than done. The adjustment phase after quitting years of hard drinking is a process that can take a year or longer. I have friends at the 2 year mark that are experiencing a similar problem. I do have up days that are great but the solitude can be a real trigger for relapse. And when I start, I don't want to stop. Oh well

  29. It's woo fringe to be anti-woo fringe. Why suppress the inevitable

  30. I hear that. I'm 10 days into month number 5 and have been on the edge of "let's go get a bottle of red". It's really strange how a part of myself is just willing to blow it all for no significant reason at all, and out of nowhere when I least expect it. I always take a time out when that happens and assess the situation.

  31. Yes, I know the feeling. The weekends are a lot worse in that regard. I think (or more hope) that goes away after 2-3 weeks.

  32. I found a significant reduction in the frequency of cravings and thoughts after the 3 month mark. I still have down days that can last 7-10 days but they are less associated with alcohol and more so with just life coping in general. 10 days until officially spring. Things to look forward to are important. ✌🏻

  33. OP never got past the index finger in preschool

  34. Johnny Harris on YouTube dropped a newer video explaining the Bermuda Triangle. There is nothing more special about it than other locations where ships and planes go missing. The hype is from a successful book that was written in the 80s about the triangle. And since then it has become synonymous with strange anomalies which are actually not that statistically significant.

  35. Because in this video the craft is making noise. Sound requires physical mediums to produce it. And if they only exist in this dimension visually, we should at least be exploring Occam's razor which is military hologram tech

  36. The Higgs Field is removed from the craft, the Higgs Field is what gives physical matter it's mass. Remove it and the craft occupies space in a different manor. Extreme acceleration from a low voltage

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