So i made a lego skilift

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  1. All 4 of my danes have known the command "outta the kitchen!" Never lost a stick of butter. Our first dog sitter for our 1st dane did not listen and she lost butter off her table. Luckily, she had him for a few days while we were away and got to deal with the results.

  2. Yep- no dogs are allowed to linger in our kitchen, either.

  3. Where is this from? It fits really well!

  4. I snowboard, best advice is just lots of thin layers of moisture and wear a buff if possible! Personally my skin always bounces back

  5. Do you layer different types/products?

  6. Ask the breeder what they were feeding. A good breeder should set you up with lots of instructions for their pups.

  7. Just add “Rhod” for Ruby Rhod.

  8. That’s really strange! Maybe he doesn’t like resting on the fake plants?

  9. Looks great! I love bright showers.

  10. I would look through the used gear- fb marketplace, rei used, patagonia used

  11. Considering they’re a small store I gave them quite a few weeks. Remember they work normal business hours in ca when calling.

  12. Zoji, but the bare bones with the cook/keep warm switch. We had a fancy one and the chip died and it stopped working. We never used the other settings, anyway.

  13. I’d look for something along the dunes areas. The winds help keep them drier.

  14. But, but, but….is that pack’n’play for him?! Hahahahah

  15. Back in the day, before shredded cheese was a thing, we shredded our own cheeses, mozzarella included. It worked.

  16. Yeah, but fresh mozzarella is/cooks completely differently than shredded.

  17. We caved and had a whole house generator installed. We don’t often have extended power outages, but do have short ones. It’s soooooo nice to just shrug and say “guess the power went out”.

  18. Ina Garten’s perfect roast chicken

  19. Fuckin Kohls, literally every item always “on sale”

  20. Carters for babies and kids, too.

  21. Her own multi tool. I bought one for myself rather than go get my husband’s all the time.

  22. For realism, you need to add a 3 minute pause while the lift is stopped, for who-knows-why.

  23. Those soft pink puppy toes! 😘

  24. Store-bought pineapple salsa works just fine.

  25. Previous owners hated dusting the tops of cabinets?

  26. Sorry, we're not doing this one again.

  27. Hah. I was going to do a snarky “it didn’t 2weeks at, and not now either”

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