1. Maybe for some but personally I'm looking for my way out of here everyday

  2. Death should only be a punishment for war crimes or genocide imo, every other crime should be no worse then life in prison

  3. Just because people suffer in the past doesn't mean they need to suffer now

  4. Texas, I'm getting out of this state as soon as I can

  5. By definition a feminist is someone who wants equality between men and women

  6. a lot of the western world is in the world’s top 1%, so no

  7. That might be a reason for me tbh, would put western nations on a more even playing field

  8. Why do you want to put western nations on an even playing field?

  9. Western nations are only on top because they stole from developing countries for centuries, it would debaely be fair

  10. Legally men have it better on all important metrics on every singe legal jurisdiction on the planet

  11. Took a look at that sub and nothing seem that crazy , males are just scared to not get criticized

  12. Hey mind answering the question , enough deflection . Does that sound like supremacy ?

  13. I’m trying to figure out if you are genuine or trolling . It’s pretty straight forward , if hatred to women has a name but hatred to men doesn’t , does that like supremacy?

  14. On one hand they do good like developed cites and make high speed rail across the country something everyone can have and made the economy boom. They also do tackle problems like covid pretty effectively although now I can see it may be a bit over kill and a middle ground approach should be taken. The censorship is a bit much imo and China should open up imo but tbf A citizen can easily access a vpn and browse through the internet the same way any western people could. One could argue China could be more democratic and that is my main criticism of the government. China is really ehhhh right now but if someone bad gets into power that could spill disaster which is why I think they should incorporate direct democracy in the future. They often get attacked by other countries for being imperialist and while China does need to calm down on. It sea claims and also negotiate more with Taiwan, the west does provoke China. Overall they have done alot of good for the Chinese people but they do have their short comings and I think they should consider Mayne allowing other parties a chance but regardless I think China is gonna continue to grow. My final view on them is mixed and I hope growth they cake continues while other things change rather it be from their own party or others raising.

  15. I don't have a partner,bother or sister and my mom is dead and my dad a total piece of shit

  16. Hopefully this will help China return life to a bit more normally while still keeping the virus in control

  17. Seeing as I am trying my hardest to research and find my way out of this country, it isn't the best for everybody

  18. The third one is the only one I can see being rude tbh

  19. Neither, UK is only holding on to it for colonialism and Argentina wants it just for nationalism , sadly there no logical options to resolve the issue

  20. They are mostly white Europeans who are in a colony too close to non European countries, they can go back to the UK since that's what people like you always tell immigrants in the us and eu

  21. Yes it's full of American and capitalist apojiest

  22. Palestine can't keep terrorists under control, so Israel makes bases in Palestine to do it themselves. Same thing that happened with Germany and Japan after WW2.

  23. Isn't this what Russia use as an excuse to invade Ukraine?

  24. Ukraine wasn't continually bombing Russia. If they were, the invasion would be justified.

  25. So if some bad people in Ukraine bombed russia? It would be ok for Russia to massacre innocent civilians now? You just corner yourself lmao

  26. I have mixed feelings of the communist party of china, thank you very much

  27. Rather lived in Finland then anywhere in North America

  28. Any army that cause the death of at least 1 innocent civilian is bad

  29. Already was planning on leaving, looks like I get extra encouragement

  30. I mean the way they treat immigrants aren't the best

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