1. How though? There's no reason to take the grip off to clean the gun.

  2. I had just got it and I was cleaning it like I do with every new gun. I got a B5 grip and I was changing the A2 it came with. I didn't understand what the spring was for and didn't realize it held the detent in. I had to look up a video to figure out what I did

  3. We all started somewhere. Good on you for learning how the platform works hands on.

  4. Coming from the ak with 3 moving parts, I felt like a dumbsss at first. Figured the best way to learn is through trial and error

  5. I feel like Italians will be traumatized if they visit this subreddit

  6. Half Polish, half Italian. I'm having an existential crisis at the moment, as I've never seen this before

  7. You got everything individually instead of the meal, so they charged you accordingly. You could've said large whopper meal and it would've been like $9

  8. That is a keltec rdb s flip-up front sight wedged over the front sight block. What the fuck is going on

  9. I earned it from jamboree. I got the plan and 5 or 6 unfermented bottles with it. It's one of the drops for that event

  10. Noted. It seems most people don’t have that plan listed on the rewards list. So I’ll have to get lucky with that and a gulper hand as well.

  11. I'm looking around now and yeah I haven't seen anyone list it. I absolutely got it as a reward, maybe a bug. Only had the chance to play the event once but I got one hand out of it

  12. Ruger american in 300 Black Out. Supremely useless, incredibly fun

  13. The inspiration for this. No one gets it, much love

  14. Funny how I’ve never seen a bolt action rifle without a stock.

  15. For a good reason, Wrist breaker 9000. God is it fun to shoot tho

  16. I remember being around his age doing the same thing when minecraft first came out. Glad to see the next generation being just as imaginative as we were at that age. Really cool!

  17. Love the plastic bag full of loaded stripper clips. I've seen fudds galore with red flyer wagons packed to the brim with shit they don't use. You've got the right idea

  18. My lgs had one for 2500 on the wall for a few months. I'm not really into shotguns but if one were to tickle my fancy, it'd be this

  19. Yes, that's why I mentioned the agent in the title, because I didn't want the meme to be misleading or confusing in that regard.

  20. Though a politician won't clarify as to what an assault rifle is, the definition is easily accessible. A select fire rifle that fires an intermediate cartridge, which shows how deliberately misleading they are to the public

  21. Not a fan of the current one. The prototype had what I'd compare to a galil style safety instead of the enhanced safety, and I loved the more rectangular look of the dust cover. The stock looks a little janky on the prototype but I don't like how ar style stocks look on an ak. All opinions and I've never seen either irl, but yeah it just looks like a done up 74

  22. Wow, one of the cool Canadians. Don't see many of those. Always love seeing these pop up

  23. 716🥴 love mine. I was a little pieved when I found out its has almost all proprietary parts, but mine's shot sub moa with fiocci range dynamics so no complaints here

  24. It's definitely the heaviest gun I own. A bipod is a must but that adds another pound alone. Plus a loaded mag, you're looking at roughly 10.5-11 lbs. By the time you have all the bells and whistles, you'll have a solid 13 pound bench shooter. I'm sure that sounds like sarcasm but I mean it. I love this rifle

  25. If you're going striker fired and are really that worry about an ND, find a holster that completely covers the trigger guard. I've been carrying a canik tp9sf for a with a standard canik iwb holster and it's never gave me issues. If going hammer fired, just leave one in the chamber with the hammer down. Double action goes along way too

  26. Loaded in a surplus wood crate with silica packets. Dryer than my granny's coochie but just as effective

  27. Vortex on the strangest railed upper I've seen, fab defense upper and lower handguard, and a $25 ATI folding grip I have on a gsg 16. Finally a clone I can afford to recreate

  28. Oh no no no, don't compare me to him. I'm still half convinced he got that through a straw purchase

  29. My AR does this as well, is it something I need to fix or is it normal?

  30. Yeah it seems other people have had their ar's do it too

  31. Please don't make me relive this. sigh Guy at my lgs sold me on a vska because he said it had forged trunions, bolt and carrier. Got home, learned I payed 1k for a grenade and almost cried. This was when they first came put and I did no research at all. Came here, laughed, learned, got a wasr. Such is life

  32. VSKAs aren't well received here, because CAI manufactured critical components, including the front trunnions, out of tool steel, instead of forging and milling them from steel.

  33. What's so bad about riley defense? I've never heard a specific reason other than whats on the listed failures, where even PSA had more catastrophic fuck ups. I know alot have cast parts but I always figured the forged ones equate to PSA even with known issues. I have no experience with either so I can only ask

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