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  1. Hold on, is that a porcelain doll? If so, those things a worth a fortune if you maintain it apparently.

  2. Found it so weird to be able to walk down the street and not be assaulted.

  3. Average British person in any other country

  4. Man, these 1 sentence horror stuff is getting out of hand.

  5. I really loved it when Rikya said, "It's Rickiyan time"

  6. That's really sad and ayo what the fuck

  7. I think he should put it back on.......for a very long time

  8. You know you've made it when you have matching foggie hat status with the one you hold dearest.

  9. I mean, I can use Spotify premium for free on android. I wonder if I could do it on an iPhone.

  10. I'll be honest mate, I finished this substory and then proceeded to fight off a vacuum cleaner. Really burnt me out

  11. The iron pipe made me cry in a different way. Took me 5 literal days to fish it out.

  12. Dammit Hammond, you made the show budget exceed 23 yen

  13. It's not expensive you young people just can't work worth anything!

  14. Can't forget those displayed leather shoes in stores

  15. Oh hell yeah, that stuff is a childhood nostalgia.

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