1. You literally just made shit up to fit your agenda. And yet you expect people to take you seriously.

  2. Because you just made it up to fit your agenda.

  3. Yeah, well done. Analogies are made up! I win 100 points

  4. Good on you. Open your business and make this policy. Other businesses have different policies than yours. And 1a doesn't prevent them to fire someone for saying shit online

  5. I’ll open a business and as soon as I get govt funding I’ll fire everyone. The American way amirite or amirite

  6. My impression is the opposite. Republicans rarely maintain principles. Tell me when Democrats have worked with the GOP to cut bloated spending and lower taxes for working Americans. Instead it’s more along the lines of “let’s spend 10 billion dollars” or “let’s expand federal power by 10%”. “Oh, you didn’t like that? Let’s do 5 billion dollars then, and make the fed 5% more powerful. There we go, we got some Republicans to ‘compromise’ the rest needs to work with us more…”

  7. That's called compromise, buddy! It's finding middle ground. Not cancelling a proposal altogether.

  8. This change can be anything from "trivial" to "months of work" depending on how well the code is written. Best practice says that "there should be only one source of truth" in code. There should be one place which states the amount of months (days maybe?), and all pieces of code that need this information should get it from there.

  9. We keep all the data forever. And you can retrieve single data points at any time. But for such things as bulk actions, like export, we limit to 12 months

  10. It'll depend on how it's implemented exactly, but it's possible that it's as simple as just changing a 12 to 48 in a single line of code somewhere. These kinds of limits usually aren't very complex.

  11. Yeah, I think it might be the update afterwards, as I can't imagine changing a number would be so hard. Funny cause but sales and customer think it's an easy fix, while product says it's not without providing reasons, so both sales and customer are not happy. Product is not impacted and don't care at all ... Sales has to deal with it

  12. Do bank transfer exist in US??? It's a 30 years old technology, FFS. Checks should be banned

  13. 38M, Sydney. Tech. Depends on the commissions, but this year is day 200-220k AUD. Last year was 350k :(

  14. What do you think prompted the disparity in income between this year and last? Perhaps complacency, changing economies, just a little unlucky?

  15. It'll stop when RBA stops changing the rate ... What a silly question

  16. You forgot to mention Chavez, dominion, kraken, any day now, we got evidence...

  17. 1.8m split between VAS and VGS (40%-60%), reinvest the dividends, don't look at them at all. This will generate around 60k per year in dividends.

  18. Except thay DeSantis IS NOT the guy in charge of the election, stop lying

  19. WHERE did I say desanctis is in charge of the election? FFS, are you for real?????

  20. "Sir, I have type 1 diabetes and I have to eat within a 1 hour time period" "Shut up and get back to works peaseant!"

  21. Then you don't apply to that job! If you have a medical condition where you have to go dialysis once a month, would you apply to a job on a oil platform or a merchant navy ship where you don't go back home for several months at a time?????

  22. Different, didn't say better. This is the second time you are twisting my words to make your point. Very telling

  23. Ehm.... A lot of Trump endorsed candidates lost. The right wing media is on a war path with Trump as they are blaming him for the crazy people he endorsed.

  24. Yup. The best example that comes to mind is Trump. He just said that if Republicans won it was because oh him, but of they lost, he didn't want any blame....

  25. The first rule of cheating, is you dont do it when you dont have to.

  26. First rule of cheating is actually doing to win, not to lose. Dems have lost (although not as badly as they thought). If they really wanted and could cheat, at trmhis stage wed have both senate and house blue.

  27. Well... Republicans are not known to be "geniuses", so....

  28. Metropolitan areas literally make or break elections. I want whatever this fucking guy is smokin.

  29. Yup, but states can gerrymander. Also, red states have tried to impede lower classes from voting by fighting against mailing ballots, closing down polling station, forcing working class people to travel far to go and queue long time to cast a vote during a work day.

  30. There it is, the dumbest shit I'll read all day. "I can't stand in line to go vote, it makes my pee pee hurt and I get hungry :(". If voting was as hard as Democrats pretend it is, no one would ever fucking do it.

  31. I knew you were not that bright... The issue is not queuing and peepee... It's people who barely make ends meet having to take a day off just because Republicans don't want them to vote easily. If Republicans were really for democracy, they'd put polling place every few kilometres, so you can go there any time, no need to take a day off. Why would Republicans want to make it hard to vote??? Mmmm it's like they are scarred these people might not vote for them... Mmm we'll never know

  32. Open boarders: wait, I thought Trump said he built a beautiful wall!?!?!

  33. Oh the fraud claims are already starting??? Damn! Right wingers are tiny little whiny babies!

  34. Then not "independent from the executive."

  35. Just read how it works rather than assuming.... It's not that hard. You are already online. Have you heard of google?

  36. I noticed the way right wingers react to twitter " censorship" compared to the libs. Right wingers cry, shout that freedom is at stake, 1st amendment, muh freedom (and other various outbursts), make their own failed platform etc.

  37. Actually, you and your kind give a bad rep to clowns, you're worse than any clown can ever be

  38. Oh bless... Little Kev got triggered cause he doesn't understand the topic!

  39. There's nothing little about me you little cunt. I know enough about the subject to know what I want around kids. You're just a programed single celled organism

  40. Well, brain and dick are definitely small. Maybe your gut and get are big

  41. You kept calling sacratic, not Socratic. The first time o thought it was just a spelling mistake and let it slide. The second time you did that it showed you have no idea what you talking about.

  42. Aslan at The Rocks is a fantastic coffee, but keep in mind to stir it yourself if you have sugar in it. I don't know why they never stir it, but for the taste it's worth the minor inconvenience.

  43. In a vacuum, the returns are close enough to not matter and impossible to calculate who would be better off unless we assume asset growth is linear and dividends are paid on exactly the same time/frequency for the duration.

  44. The point was tax. The yield get taxed at least around 30 something %.

  45. Why are you asking me?? I don't even know who Rob is. The other guy mention him

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