1. Gold and black recipe! Its really smooooth!

  2. Its awesome, would love to see this style in a more organic model, i mean, warriors with less armor and more flesh

  3. Banners from the collector’s edition of Dawn of War 3. There is also an orc one that is missing here.

  4. Hi! Just got it and dont know nothing about them. Some1 know something? Thanks!

  5. I see that every day and I tell them on Voice Chat: “Do Not Open these chests!” But to no avail..

  6. Thats a piece to put in your car instead of those elvis/hawai girl lol

  7. Looks amazing? Any tips for newbie with oils?

  8. Hi, just got a message from cc explaining it, please read it as it says Why of that extra resin:

  9. Definitely not up to the usual standard - did you buy it off their webstore, or another retailer? I'd contact them in any case, looks like either their QA department messed up big time, or someone is trying to push off recasts under their name.

  10. I am working on a body STL, i have a 3dscan. So far it has been remeshed and retoppod. Atm I'm adding different pose options. As soon as a first pose is finished and added some detail back. It will be available for public.

  11. Who is strongest, archaon the everchosen or be'lakor? Why?

  12. As a big lovecraft fan it looks perfect, maybe some "wet" on tentacles would be enought Ps: send it to me

  13. Do you wash your minis with soap and water to remove the release agent or other chemicals before priming?

  14. Never did it, didnt know it can go over primer or layers of paint, maybe its the case. Its gw plastic yep

  15. What kind of primer? An enamel based primer that isn’t 100% dry would be mixing oil based primer and water from the acrylics.

  16. Meh, i get an error and my cart become empty

  17. Damn so, have in the same army/display diorama, archaon, belakor and eternus dont fits well right?

  18. Tenebrael Shard (Dark Elf) and Exalted Priest with little Griypthound from Silver Tower (they were also sold separately).

  19. i cant find the exact stormcast model and daughters of khaine?

  20. Hi! Just bought a second hand warscryer citadel and its missing this part, some1 have one and can help me with measures? Or know any site where i can get bits for that? Thanks! Ps: want try to make it as oruginal as possible

  21. I would take out the one in the moving parts like hand/arm and leave the others

  22. Looks good but looking for the other, thanks tho!

  23. Looks really nice! But your base on each contrast paint its genius

  24. Why cleansing is a good aura? Dont reduce curses and poison on you/merc only?

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