Trump lunged at Secret Service agent in rage when told he couldn’t go to Capitol on Jan. 6, aide testifies

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  1. Strongly-moderated! the nerve of you conservative liberals. Are you trying to get me upset?!! I would have stated; powerfully-arbitrated. The nerve of some people to think differently than me

  2. That’s a really good look. They wear well together

  3. Careful! 24k is SUPER soft. That coin was probably just destroyed. It can scratch just by looking at it.

  4. I Eat Cannibals by Toto Coelo. Okay not a great song but always get a laugh out of me. Total 80s throwback that most don’t remember. A great throwback song from 93 is ‘Around Here’ by Counting Crows. This song is excellent.

  5. The way Munny clears out that bar at the end. Just keeps cool and aims while everyone else fires wildly.

  6. ‘Ya, I’m William Munny, thats right, I’ve killed women and children. I’ve killed just about anything that’s walked or crawled or one time or another. And I’m here to kill you Little Bill.’ Then seeing Little Bills face drop with the thought of - fuck I’m a dead man standing.

  7. It’s my dream to visit NY. Will I love it? It’s not this rough all over, is it?

  8. I’ve worked in NYC for more than 20 Years. 8 years downtown (Wall Street area) and 12 plus years in various midtown locations. This is NOT typical. This is something you may find in Washington heights or some area you would never visit as a tourist.

  9. I've lived in the heights for most of my life, never seen anything like this. Definitely much more downtown. Washington Heights ain't perfect and it often ain't clean, but it's not this bad lol.

  10. You are right. Sorry, no offense meant. This is more like some south Bronx shit

  11. This whole thing is surreal. Michael Flynn literally pleaded the fifth when directly asked if he believes in the process of a peaceful transition of power. Trump literally said "he deserves it" when told that the Jan 6 insurrectionists were threatening to hang Pence.

  12. Don’t forget that trump once stated only criminals plead the fifth.

  13. Your dad is following in the true meaning of Jesus. He is the definition of a good religious man. Please let him know we are proud of him.

  14. Those are nice tight links. Definitely not too gawdy, especially if it the only piece your wearing.

  15. I’m a pacifist but big fuck ya your dad deserved it. When it’s time to morb get out the fuckin way or get morbed. I morbed my dog for barking while I was morbing eggs in the kitchen. I personally have morbed 60 dumb ass morbs this week. If you need a place to hide out let me know. I stashed a morb or morbings on top of the Empire State Building and I’m itching to morb them - if you know what I morb

  16. That is an amazing piece of art and craftsmanship. Worth much more than its weight in gold

  17. What will the be the monetary unit the stipend is paid in? They will no longer use US currency.

  18. I work at an LCS - your first silver purchase? NOT DUMB. You went for a well known honest reliable company…. Yes you paid a bit more than needed, but guess what? ANYONE here who can categorically say that have never overpaid even a little on metals? Has Pinocchio tendencies! Shop around on all the majors, find the cheapest and if you are unsure about the company? Pop a post on here and someone will answer quite quickly. Well done on loosing your virginity! Welcome to the club!

  19. Looks great. If they’re on the interweb- who did you get it from?

  20. Great stuff, especially the necklace - nice tight links and 18k - that thing is beast mode.

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