Got about 20 gallons today.

An amazing showing.

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  • By - g713

Cleaning around the Lone Star Biker rally in Galveston, Texas

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  • By - g713

  1. I wish to know more about this tracked vehicle powered by power tool batteries...

  2. g713 says:

    It’s called a LitterBuggie. The one you see here is the version 11. it’s essentially a radio controlled trashcan. The systems allow someone to cover miles of beach, picking up trash without the stress of caring, a bucket or bag. To date there have been 13 versions built. If you look at my profile, you can see videos of most of them. And if you go to my YouTube, there’s actually a full playlist on building the version 10.

  3. g713 says:

    I don’t know man. I think a toy is something you buy from Walmart that is expected to last few weeks and then break. This thing has probably around 100 miles on it picking up trash. I’m pretty sure it cross the line between toy and tool the 1st mile.

  4. That’s interesting. I bought it straight from the company I believe, although that may have since changed. I know other CAD companies such a Solidworks use the reseller model. But I’m also in the US so the laws may be different where you are. They may also have a reseller just for support.

  5. 25. Just updated maintenance last week

  6. Mine never crashed. Although is I have 4 corners I want to fillet in a single opt sometimes it will only do 3

  7. I think designing your own adapters is awesome, but as an avid 3d maker myself, I have to wonder what kind of material you used. PLA would be fine for proof-of-concept prototyping, but at the rotational speeds that thing generates, I'd be worried it would shatter unless the final was something engineering grade like ABS, PC, ASA, or nylon. High durability resin would probably work well, too.

  8. It was made using PLA PRO. The rotational speed is not that big of a deal as there’s not that much inertia on it. And the piece is fairly tight fitting so there’s not lotta play in there either. I think it’ll hold up just fine overtime

  9. What kind of Frankenstein is this with an M18 battery?

  10. So on any given day, I work about 16 hours in CAD.

  11. Very interesting. Very. If you don't mind I'll msg you a few questions.

  12. What’s the battery in the trailer for? Curious, don’t see any wires running to the sweet rig you built

  13. That was just to show size and weight on the trailer. It’s likely that the rig would pull a GoPro with a upward facing light for inspections.

  14. What about getting a Synology NAS and using they’re DRIVE client. I’ve never been a big fan of using a different companies cloud storage solutions especially for IP.

  15. Maybe it’s just me. But I would put the NAS on a exterior wall somewhere low. Then put a indicator of the out side of the house that shows its location.

  16. Lol isnt the sentinel a fairly new helmet? Or am i incorrect

  17. I’m not sure. I think I have had one for 3/4 years. This was more or less right after I got it.

  18. When it comes down to it. It’s just a RC Car with a bucket on top.

  19. I hope you give that x-maxx a proper bash and rip when you take the bucket off.

  20. I’m afraid not. It strictly for cleaning. Hell it probably has over 100mile on it just doing trash pickups

  21. JK’s already have stops for the tailgate built into the hinge

  22. Well, apparently mine didn’t work

  23. Neither mine or my wife’s have a limit strap

  24. Do you have a recommendation for a picked upper that won’t end up in the landfill? I haven’t bought one because everyone I’ve seen seems cheap as heck

  25. Well I personally prefer the FTMOG GRABBER V4. Here is the vid on the V3 which is pretty close in design

  26. I'm wondering how I can get into CAD with a free or 1 time purchase a Perpetual Licence just for my PC?

  27. Love it! Is the trx auto tracking or are you driving both?

  28. Wife Is driving one

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