1. As a NorCal new grad I was around 66 an hour.

  2. Wanted to do PICU. Started med surg. Switched to PICU and hated it. I think I’m a med surg nurse.

  3. How can I support them? They’re striking right now and they flew in scabs from Canada apparently.

  4. Never been but I’ll be looking into those

  5. At least they don’t sag 🤷‍♀️

  6. 24, no idea what the point of my life or living is.

  7. I heard from my preceptors that when they were in training way back the senior nurses would hide all of the medications that you would have to give to your patients so care would be delayed exponentially. You’d have to ask pharmacy for another batch of the medications.

  8. But Teslas will be fine right

  9. Dinner should be coming soon to an NPO patient who is aware they are NPO.

  10. I went up on Tuesday and it was fine. Hadn’t snowed yet.

  11. My Apple Watch said I was standing for all 4 hours of this nightmare cause my heart was racing. We went 86 miles in this time.

  12. Leave. I was in PICU training. Totally not my thing made me suicidal I really didn’t want to be alive. Got out of that and I’m like why would I ever even think of wanting to be dead.

  13. Yes it does have the file upload and it can pull data from your banking websites automatically.

  14. I’m talking the official IRS site not the free TurboTax. My income precludes the free TurboTax unfortunately

  15. My bad! I’m not sure I’ve always just used turbo tax but seems like next year I’ll be asking the same question

  16. Someone owes me like 900 in car damages, and they haven't posted me either. I really need legal advice at this point lol

  17. Except I have no experience and no clue where to start.

  18. Same with this problem. Small claims court is a government thing though just google it and your state and that is how you can get started.

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