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  1. It’s hilarious how the left has become the least tolerant. I thought I was left leaning but over the years I’ve either moved right or the left has become something else.

  2. The people pictured weren't officially a part of the parade and got boo'd by much of the crowd, actually.

  3. Great that you're expressing her to genres she might not otherwise seek, but I think you should watch something she likes once in a while so that she doesn't get overwhelmed.

  4. If it does have human emotions, they would be akin to a serial murderer, or at the least a human factory farmer.

  5. I'm sorry you're trying so hard to reconcile opposing ideas here - that some omnipotent being deliberately created human suffering, and that this same being is capable of emotions, in a capacity that could be recognised by humans. The kind of humans who could deliberately inflict torture and suffering... If you think they are righteous, you might need to reconsider your moral yardstick.

  6. I would too but I dread the sudden voice of Kermit the Frog or a sesame street thing rising from betwixt my thighs.

  7. Im going to guess China launched a bunch of these and we are going to see news of these things making appearances around the world over the next few days.

  8. Maybe they launched a bunch of these and didn't realise there's no way to get them to come back? And they didn't deflate or get destroyed by weather like the vendor told them they would, so there are hundreds of them flying everywhere, waiting to be found?

  9. Those are are definitely rapiers, and not scimitars or estocs. So I would go with something that uses a Rapier build.

  10. I've always seen it spelled "sate" (with the accented e) outside Singapore.

  11. Historically we aren’t great at having our buttons pushed, maybe an attempt to get a reaction out of proportion. Or it’s our own government balloon and they’re just yelling “china!” to get us all stirred up again

  12. I mean, judging by the reactions on this thread... It's working?

  13. I think you're either overestimating Chua or underestimating Ng here.

  14. Are you trying to say that if someone swings a stick at you, you have the right to kill them? Are you saying if someone provokes you, you have a moral right to kill them? Do you think he should have gotten off scott free?

  15. Man it's as if you didn't read the part about my comment saying Chua used unnecessary force. But if you really believe that a shoulder charge is very lethal, you do you

  16. So you admit that he used unnecessary force but at the same time you seem to think he was justified doing a shoulder charge. Which is it?

  17. Can't wait to hear Chuck Berry and John Lennon!!....

  18. That wont win him elections though. This is Australia not the US. You need the center or you'll never win.

  19. I don't think he wants to win elections? Probably gunning for a good job or up his speech fee for when he eventually gets ousted.

  20. It's not a business deal, it's a marriage falling apart. Lots of emotions involved. Who knows why she wanted him to have nothing.

  21. It would just be a bunch of religious zealots or people with political ideals trying to get you to convert.

  22. The whole ant/termite/bee/etc. queen/colony thing is so funny. A whole shittonne of slave units being pumped out of one big fat bitch just so they can be servants to keep the big fat bitch full enough to keep pumping out more slaves to keep the big fat bitch full.

  23. That was 1979, so about half a century ago give 5 years. TECHNICALLY you are correct, internet points to you.

  24. You could argue that some parts of Asia use a completely different lunar calendar, Japan uses their emperor-based system, some parts of south an beige use that Mayan system, and I'm sure much of the rest of the world also has their own calendar systems... Maybe op is just very very sensitive about cultural imperialism with the Gregorian calendar.

  25. Idk about other countries but in Vietnam we basically only care about the lunar calendar when it's the lunar new year holiday, for the rest 350 days of the year we use DD/MM/YYYY.

  26. Yeah I wasn't really being serious. Gregorian is ubiquitous.

  27. He's not wrong but how did he migrate to Australia as a plumber? They're kinda protective of their trade job opportunities (unsurprisingly).

  28. Can tell hes either had a rough day already or could be new. Thankfully not much spilled out but that can feel awful stacked on other shit.

  29. Surely everyone has been in this situation before? Where you're super stressed and just holding it in together, only for one thing little thing to bring it all crashing down?

  30. The biggest problem with Drag Race is that it's too hinged most of the time.

  31. I miss the days when the show was a parody and the challenges even more ridiculous. I detest that they let the queens change before a lip sync for all stars, I WANT to see knock off big bird doing a sad melancholy song up against a blood stained vampire with her guts tripping her up when she does the splits.

  32. I must be really out of touch with anime because I don’t know any of those characters besides eren

  33. It's probably more that the characters here are from different genres (mahou shoujo, sports, comedy, slice of life, mystery) spanning decades, so unless you've been spending an ungodly amount of time watching anime you would probably only know a couple.

  34. Not only is this not a fish, but it’s also cute lol. It’s so ugly it’s cute

  35. I thought it was part of the definition. Isn't "cute" ugly but adorable?

  36. On the contrary, what percentage of stand users are queens?

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